Hoax call put through to British prime minister

A hoax caller pretending to be a spy chief was put through to British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday, prompting a review of security procedures, a government spokeswoman said.

Youth held for hoax call of terror attack on Obama

A 19-year-old youth from Goa has been arrested for making a hoax call to Delhi Police warning them of a terror attack on US President Barack Obama.

Man freed of charge of threatening to kill Sheila Dikshit

A man, accused of making hoax calls in 2012 about killing the then Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, has been let off by a sessions court here, which said Delhi Police did not follow mandatory requirements in the investigation.

Hoax call leads to bomb scare in Madras High Court

An anonymous phone call threatening that a bomb would go off in the Madras High Court complex led to a scare which later proved to be hoax.

Indian-origin nurse blamed herself in royal hoax case

India-born nurse Jacintha Saldanha, found hanging at a hospital here days after receiving a hoax call about Kate Middleton's first pregnancy, blamed herself for releasing intimate details about the Dutchess's condition.

Royal hoax DJ apologises to Indian nurse's family

One of the two Australian DJs, who made a hoax call to a London hospital about Kate Middleton's first pregnancy, on Friday tearfully apologised to the family of an India-born nurse who committed suicide after the broadcast of the prank.

India-born nurse's royal hoax inquest opens in UK

An inquest into the death of India-born UK nurse Jacintha Saldanha, found hanged after she took a hoax call at a hospital in London about Kate Middleton's first pregnancy, opened here today.

Hoax bomb threat to train

An anonymous telephone call stating that a bomb has been planted in the Kannur-Ernakulam Inter-City Express turned out to be a hoax on Friday.

Man accused of making hoax call about Parliament blast acquitted

A man accused of making a hoax call to the police control room 12 years ago that Parliament would be blasted, has been acquitted by a Delhi court on the ground that there were lapses in the investigation which were "serious in nature".

Security alert at IG Airport following anonymous phone call

Security personnel at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here on Tuesday went into a tizzy after a bomb threat call was received by an airline at its airport office.

60-year-old man sentenced for making hoax call to airlines

A 60-year-old man has been sent to imprisonment till the rising of the court by a Delhi court for making hoax call in 2010 to a private airline that some terrorists have boarded the flight and they may be carrying explosives.

Man impersonating PM, Lalu sent to one-day police custody

A man, accused of making hoax calls and demanding money by impersonating Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav, was on Friday sent to one day police custody by a Delhi court.

Music company claims receiving calls in PM`s name

Days after hoax calls to Attorney General G E Vahanvati by a person posing as Congress chief Sonia Gandhi sent security agencies into a tizzy, police today said a music company had received threatening calls from someone claiming to be the prime minister.

Sonia Gandhi hoax call: BHEL employee called Attorney General impersonating Congress chief?

A BHEL woman employee is suspected to be the hoax caller impersonating Congress president Sonia Gandhi and making a call to the Attorney General GE Vahanvati.

Hoax call case: Police zero in on a woman PSU employee

A woman working with a public sector firm is alleged to have imitated Congress president Sonia Gandhi voice when she made calls to Attorney General GE Vahanvati.

Govt in a tizzy after hoax caller imitates Sonia, probe begins

Delhi Police on Monday began its probe into a complaint by Attorney General GE Vahanvati regarding a hoax call he received from a woman imitating Congress president, Sonia Gandhi.

`Bored` Chinese teenager makes hoax bomb call

Chinese authorities have detained a 17-year-old boy in central Hubei Province who allegedly made a hoax bomb call that disrupted airport traffic because he "felt bored."

Kate hoax call: Keith Vaz slams award for RJ

British Indian MP Keith Vaz has slammed the decision of an Australian radio station to reward a presenter linked with the prank call that resulted in the death of an India-born nurse here last year.

Kate hoax call: Indian nurse`s family slams DJ award

The family of the Indian origin nurse, who killed herself days after a prank call, has slammed the radio station for giving one of the DJs a major award.

Kate hoax call: India-born UK nurse blamed Oz radio DJs in suicide note

Nurse Jacinta Saldanha, who committed suicide after answering a hoax phone call about the Duchess of Cambridge by two Australian DJs, left a suicide note where she reportedly blamed them for her death.