Hong Kong student leader banned from cleared protest site

Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong was Thursday banned from a flashpoint protest site where he was arrested this week during clashes when authorities moved in to clear the pro-democracy camp.

Hong Kong police arrest protesters, 7 officers

Hong Kong police arrested 11 more people in a second night of scuffles with demonstrators angry at having their 2-month-old pro-democracy protest camp in a volatile neighbourhood shut down, officials said today.

Hong Kong riot police clear protest site, arrest student leaders

Hong Kong police on Wednesday cleared one of the largest protest sites that have choked the city for months, arresting scores of pro-democracy activists in a blow to those hoping to wrest greater political freedom from authorities in Beijing.

Hong Kong police clear protest camp, arrest movement leaders

Hong Kong police arrested Joshua Wong and another student protest leader Wednesday as authorities forcibly cleared part of a main road blocked for two months by a pro-democracy sit-in.

Hong Kong police reopen main road after clearing protest camp

Hundreds of Hong Kong police Wednesday cleared a pro-democracy protest camp, arresting Joshua Wong and another student leader and reopening a main road blocked for almost two months.

Hong Kong police begin clearing major protest site

Scuffles broke out on Wednesday as Hong Kong police, many with helmets and batons, began clearing protesters from a major pro-democracy demonstration site in the city, Reuters witnesses said.

Hong Kong police spray protesters, arrest 80 in bid to clear street

Hong Kong police used pepper spray and arrested 80 people Tuesday as they moved to clear a city street blocked by pro-democracy demonstrators for nearly two months.

British MPs cancel visit to China after visa ban

A group of British lawmakers cancelled a visit to China on Tuesday after one MP who defended Hong Kong`s autonomy was not granted a visa, the Guardian newspaper and British and Chinese officials said.

Scuffles break out as Hong Kong clears part of protest site

  Scuffles erupted as Hong Kong authorities cleared part of a pro-democracy protest camp in the bustling district of Mong Kok on Tuesday following a court order to reopen a road, with several demonstrators taken away in police vans.

Hong Kong protesters brace for street art literally going under the hammer

With authorities preparing to break up another pro-democracy protest camp site in Hong Kong on Tuesday, some demonstrators are planning a quick-grab rescue of yellow umbrellas, Pokemon posters, satirical sculptures and other street art.

British banke Rurik Jutting fit to stand trial in Hong Kong murders

A British banker accused of the murder of two women whose mutilated bodies were found in his Hong Kong apartment was on Monday ruled fit to stand trial after undergoing psychiatric tests.

Philippines bans some foreign journalists over APEC Bali incident

The Philippines said on Saturday it had banned certain foreign journalists from the country over an incident last year, when President Benigno Aquino was taunted by a group of Hong Kong reporters during a visit to Indonesia.

Hong Kong democracy movement split in protest-weary city

 Hong Kong`s pro-democracy protesters are at a crossroads -- as public support fades after nearly two months of mass sit-ins and gridlocked traffic, activists are split on whether to retreat or ramp up their campaign.

Britain's last governor in Hong Kong to address US China commission

Last British Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, is to address a US government commission on Thursday on prospects for democracy in the territory, something likely to irritate Beijing which sees protests there as an internal matter.

Clashes as Hong Kong protesters attempt parliament break-in

Hong Kong police clashed with pro-democracy demonstrators Wednesday after a small group attempted to break into the city`s legislature, with tensions spiking as court-ordered clearances of protest sites get under way.

Hong Kong protesters break into legislature as tensions rise again

A small group of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters broke into the city`s legislature via a side door early on Wednesday, and police stopped others storming the building as tensions jumped following a period of calm.

Hong Kong authorities remove barricades from protest site
Hong Kong authorities remove barricades from protest site

Hong Kong: The authorities in Hong Kong have begun clearing a part of a key area of the heart of the city that has been occupied by pro-democracy demonstrators for nearly two months on Tuesday.

Hong Kong prepares to evict some pro-democracy protesters

Hong Kong police will move Tuesday to evict some of the pro-democracy protesters who have been blocking main roads for more than seven weeks, a statement said.

Hong Kong protest leaders prevented from flying to Beijing
Hong Kong protest leaders prevented from flying to Beijing

Three Hong Kong democracy protest leaders were Saturday denied permission to board a flight to Beijing, where they had hoped to bring their demands for free elections to Chinese authorities.

Hong Kong students to go to Beijing demanding free polls

 A three-man delegation of Hong Kong`s pro-democracy demonstrators is expected to travel to Beijing Saturday to meet central government officials to request fully democratic elections in 2017, organisers said Friday.