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Horsemeat scandal: Nestle withdraws beef meals in Italy, Spain

Nestle has become the latest victim of the widening horsemeat scandal after it detected horse DNA in beef pasta meals.

EU launches tests in wake of horsemeat scandal

European Union has decided to launch testing for Horse DNA in processed beef foods to establish the dimension of horsemeat scandal that has rocked the region.

Horsemeat scandal spreads to Germany

The scandal of horsemeat in frozen products has evidently spread to Germany after the supermarket chain Real announced Wednesday that it has discovered horsemeat in falsely-labeled frozen lasagna.

EU proposes DNA tests for horsemeat traces in beef

In a bid to tackle the widening horsemeat scandal in Europe, European Union Health Commissioner Tonio Borg told the member countries to conduct DNA tests on processed beef.

UK food agency raids abattoir in horsemeat scandal

Britain`s police and food safety regulator raided a slaughterhouse and a meat processing firm suspected of selling horsemeat labeled as beef for kebabs and burgers.

UK food agency raids abattoir in horsemeat scandal

The Food Standards Agency said it shut down the Peter Boddy slaughterhouse in northern England.

France pledges sanctions in horsemeat scandal

French President Francois Hollande has slammed the "unacceptable behaviour" of selling horsemeat as beef and pledged to punish those who are responsible for the horsemeat scandal.

Horsemeat found in Europe’s supermarkets ‘could have been donkeys’

A law banning horses from Romanian roads could have led to the surge in the illegal sale of horse meat on the European beef market, a French politician has said.

`Britain`s horsemeat scandal to worsen`

Britain`s raging meat scandal is set to worsen as the environment ministry on Sunday warned that more British ready meals containing horsemeat are expected to be found over the next few weeks.