11th Hovercraft for Indian Coast Guard inducted into service

Stepping up efforts to enhance surveillance, search and rescue operations, the 11th hovercraft for the Indian Coast Guard was formally inducted into service here on Saturday.

India to deploy hovercraft for surveillance in `Harami Nala`

India is planning to deploy hovercraft for keeping surveillance in `Harami Nala`--22 km long water channel accessible from Pakistan-- infamous for being prone to infiltration from the neighbouring nation.

UK-built hovercraft joins Coast Guard fleet

A UK-built hovercraft was inducted into the Indian Coast Guard fleet at a function at nearby Ariyaman.

All-terrain car designed for land, water and ice

Chinese designer created the spectacular car - called the Volkswagen Aqua - for a competition sponsored by the German car manufacturer, which asked designers to come up with a ‘Chinese off-road vehicle’.

A car that can run on all surfaces

A Chinese inventor has come up with a new design for an all-terrain vehicle which can be run on roads as well as on sand, ice and even water.