Herpes virus confirms ancient human `out-of-Africa` migration saga

A new study of the full genetic code of a common human virus has offered proof of the "out-of-Africa" pattern of human migration, which earlier had been documented by anthropologists and studies of the human genome.

How humans migrated into Europe after Last Glacial age

A researcher has claimed to have found new evidence to show that early humans migrated into Europe after the Last Glacial age but before Neolithic times.

Human migration revealed through lice genes

Lice genes could offer insights into human migration, a new study has claimed.

Humans first arrived in Polynesia nearly 3000 years ago

Scientists using high-precision techniques have estimated that the first human settlers arrived in Polynesia nearly 3000 years ago.

`Native Americans descend from 3 key migrations`

An international team of scientists has found that Native American populations — from Canada to the southern tip of Chile — arose from at least three migrations.

First modern humans `settled in Arabia`

Scientists claim they have found vital clues which suggest that the first modern humans settled in Arabia on their way from the Horn of Africa to the rest of the world.

Early humans migrated from Africa through Arabia

A study on genetic diversity of Indian populations has helped scientists confirm that early humans first left Africa around 60-70,000 years ago by crossing into Arabia.