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Heavy rains lash Delhi, brings relief to Delhiites

Heavy rains lash Delhi, brings relief to Delhiites

Heavy rains lashed parts of the national capital bringing relief to Delhiites.

Sultry morning in city

The day is expected to be partly cloudy with thundershowers or light rain likely to occur in the evening or night, the MeT department said.

Humidity sensors to combat proliferation of bacteria

Humidity sensors to combat proliferation of bacteria

The proliferation of bacteria in such environments where the humidity is very high is common and this leads to the formation of "biofilms" which are ecosystems made up of these microorganisms attached to a surface.

Foggy morning in Delhi

The weatherman predicted clear skies for the rest of the day in Delhi.

Keep skin diseases away this monsoon

As the humidity level goes up during the monsoon season, skin infections become common. Try to stay clean and use anti-fungal cosmetics to fight them.

Humid morning in Delhi on Tuesday

 It was a hot and humid morning here on Tuesday with the minimum temperature recorded at 26.4 degrees Celsius, a notch below the season's average.

 How to take care of silver jewellery in humidity

How to take care of silver jewellery in humidity

Silver jewellery needs extra care in monsoon as it has a tendency to turn black. Try to store it away from humidity and polish it well with a soft cotton cloth.

Tips to take care of leather shoes in monsoon

Humidity can ruin your leather shoes but regular polishing and storing them properly can make them last longer, says an expert.

Shield hair from monsoon humidity

Shield hair from monsoon humidity

 Relief from heat is what we get when the rain gods show mercy, but rainfall also brings a lot of humidity. Be careful, it can be harsh on your hair.

West Bengal hit by heat and humidity, one dead

Hot and humid conditions hit life across West Bengal on Saturday with several places recording over 40 degrees Celsius and reports of a person dead due to the rough weather.

Discomfort due to humidity, heat to shoot up in Bengal: Official

Complaining about sweltering heat? Gear up for more discomfort as mercury levels coupled with humidity will shoot up in West Bengal till the arrival of the much-awaited monsoon, the Met office said here on Friday.

Now, stretchy bendy 'smart skin' that acts and even feels like real one

A team of scientists have created artificial skin that recreates the sense of touch for the people wearing prosthetic limbs.

Now, biofuel from oranges

 Scientists from Japan's Mie University have developed biofuel from inedible oranges and have received promising results due to its efficiency and less corrosive nature, media reported.

FC Goa's Indian players ready to go: Zico

FC Goa's Indian players ready to go: Zico

FC Goa's newly-appointed marquee coach Zico Thursday oversaw his first training session at the Tilak Maidan Stadium here.

'Old climate change formula no longer exists'

The traditional formula on climate change that says that regions that have a moist climate will experience additional rainfall is no longer valid, scientists say.

Delhi experiences overcast, humid day

Overcast conditions persisted in the national capital on Thursday as high humidity level caused discomfort to Delhiites.

Mercury rises, humidity eases in Delhi

Temperatures rose slightly in the national capital while humidity levels were lower on Sunday as compared to yesterday.

Humidity down, mercury up in Delhi

Humidity levels eased in Delhi today giving respite to people from the unbearable weather witnessed in the last few days even as mercury remained above normal levels.

Extreme humidity persists in Delhi

Extremely sultry conditions persisted in the national capital a few days after light rains were experienced in the city.

Weather doesn`t cause low back pain, say scientists

Aussie scientists have shunned the belief that low back pain are linked to weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction and precipitation.