China attacker stabs five to death after row: Police

Attackers armed with knives killed three people in China, an official said, ruling out terrorism.

Chinese man sues government over gay rights

A man in China is suing the government after officials refused his application to register a gay organisation and replied that homosexuality is "against the construction of cultural and ideological progress".

Chinese PM hears public opinion to formulate key policies

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang heard the opinions and views of people from fields of science, education, culture, medicine and sports along with the general public at a forum before drafting a government work report on policy making to be presented at the NPC session next month.

China to dismantle hundreds of pig farms to save river

China will dismantle hundreds of pig and poultry farms along the southern
Xiangjiang river in order to save it from pollution.

Mao Zedong still a hero for China`s new `left movement`

Chairman Mao Zedong remains a "provocative" and "divisive" figure, becoming a rallying point for the emerging "left movement" in China amid growing criticism of his hard-line policies.

Nine killed in China road accident

At least nine people were killed in China`s Hunan province Friday after a bus veered off the road, Xinhua reported.

China builds nuclear waste processor

A company has started building the first China-made reactor to process radioactive nuclear power plant waste.

Vietnamese women sold and re-sold in China

The wife of Hu Jianhe, a Vietnamese, went missing several months ago.