All Black Ali Williams announces retirement
All Black Ali Williams announces retirement

All Black legend Ali Williams vowed to spend his time fishing and hunting after announcing his retirement from rugby on Thursday.

Whales make 'tick-tock' noises while hunting together in deep oceans at night

A new research has revealed that humpback whales make "tick-tock" noises while hunting together at night in deep, pitch-black water, but are silent when hunting alone.

Dogs make most of leopards' diet in rural India: Study
Dogs make most of leopards' diet in rural India: Study

In India's human-dominated agricultural landscapes where leopards prowl at night, it is not livestock that is on the menu but the man's best friend - dog.

New research reveals `master architects` scorpions `warm up` before hunt

A new research has revealed that scorpions create a platform in their burrows where they warm up before the evening hunt.

Human hunters wiped out Ice Age animals

Large animals in Ice Age that included Sabre-toothed cats, huge kangaroos, and a leopard-sized marsupial lion became extinct because of human hunters and not climate change, says a new study.

T. rex`s neck was powerful enough to hunt and attack

A new study suggests that the Tyrannosaurus rex did not need proper arms, because its head and neck were so powerful.

Human hunting behaviour similar to sharks and bees

Human hunter-gatherers employed the same foraging movements as used by many other animals such as sharks and honey bees when hunting, a new study has found.

Bats and whales use similar biosonar for hunting

Despite the difference in their size, with one weighing 50 tons and the other weight just a few grams, bats and whales share a similar story.

Halt illegal killing of animals: Board

The Animal Welfare Board of India, a statutory body under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, has directed State governments to strictly implement animal laws for stopping illegal killing of animals during Bakrid festival.

`Climate change, not hunting may have led to mammoths extinction`

Researchers have claimed to have found proof to suggest that woolly mammoth was led to extinction because of climate change and not due to human influence.

Climate change responsible for woolly mammoth`s extinction: Study

Researchers have found that climate change, instead of hunting by humans, was responsible for the extinction of the woolly mammoth.

Nine sent to judicial custody for hunting deer

Nine persons were Tuesday sent to judicial custody by a court here for allegedly killing an adult deer and consuming its meat in Kaziranga extended territory area in Assam`s Golaghat district.

Ziro Valley losing rare wildlife due to hunting: Survey

A number of threatened and rare wildlife species, including leopards, are vanishing from Arunachal Pradesh`s Ziro Valley as a result of rampant hunting by the indigenous Apatani tribe, a survey has revealed.

Hunting drove Tasmanian tiger to extinction

Bounty hunting and not disease drove the Tasmanian tiger, a predator native to Australia, to extinction, says a new study.

Scientists call off hunt for exotic life in the Antarctic lake

Researchers with the British Antarctic Survey have called off their mission to search for life in the Antarctic lake after a technical glitch played spoiled sport.

Humans used spears for hunting 200,000 years earlier than believed

Human ancestors were making spears to hunt 500,000 years ago – 200,000 years earlier than previously thought, a study has revealed.

Spain`s King operated on again following hunt fall

Spain`s King broke his hip when he fell during a controversial hunting trip to Africa.

One held for killing black buck in UP

One person was arrested for
allegedly killing a black buck here, police said Monday.

Can otters ‘sniff-out’ their prey underwater?

Scientists may be close to solving the mystery – whether otters can really smell their prey underwater or not.

Marine predators follow mathematician’s theory to hunt prey

In a new research, a team of scientists has found that marine predators hunting randomly spaced prey do not themselves move randomly, in order to hunt efficiently, thus following a French mathematician’s theory.