US says it anticipated changes in Egyptian military leadership

Top US officials at the White House, State Department and the Pentagon said they were expecting the changes, but were not aware of the timing.

Celebrations galore on Tahrir Square as Mursi gets assertive

Egyptians gathered spontaneously at the iconic Tahrir Square and gave a thumbs up to President Mohammed Mursi`s move to consolidate power.

Hillary Clinton meets Egyptian Army Chief Tantawi

Hillary Clinton Sunday held talks with the head of Egypt`s SCAF, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi.

Egypt military says Parliament dissolved

Stating that the Parliament is dissolved, the military in Egypt banned Parliament members from entering the House without prior authorisation.

Egypt`s new military-appointed Cabinet sworn in

The new government replaces an interim administration that resigned last month.

Egypt`s military ruler warns of grave consequences

The military took the reins of power when Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February by a popular uprising.

Egyptians rally for `civil state` in Tahrir

The protest unfolded after the iftar meal that breaks the daytime fast during the month of Ramadan.