An app to help blind type quickly on iPad

This new app can help blind people type quickly and efficiently on an iPad.

Now a robot to attend your class!

See how an injured teen uses computer technology to go to classes.

Google's new app lets you access your PC through phone
Google's new app lets you access your PC through phone

Now with Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS devices, one can log into their computer simply via their iPhone or iPad.

Oscar Pstorius's family issues statement to forstall electronic communications devices probe
Oscar Pstorius's family issues statement to forstall electronic communications devices probe

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius's family and their legal team issued a press statement on Wednesday in attempt to forestall a pending news report, apparently related to electronic communications devices.

China bans Apple products for officials

China has excluded Apple from a list of products that can be bought with public money because of security concerns, media reports said.

Now, tent that doubles as solar charger

A company has brought out a new tent that has a solar charger.

Goa Legislative Assembly to go paperless

The forthcoming Goa Legislative Assembly session will begin on a green note this time when the six-day-long proceedings will run through trials of being nearly paperless.

Netflix unveils `five profile` feature through single account

Netflix has reportedly come up with a new feature to its service that allows users to split up their old account to upto five different profiles sharing the single 8 dollars-per-month account.

Kerala MLAs allowed to use laptops, iPads in Assembly

Kerala Legislative Assembly has decided to allow its members to use i-pads and laptops in the House during proceedings.

Seven jailed in China in kidney trading case

He Wei, who organised the illegal kidney trade in April 2011, was sentenced to five years` imprisonment.

Pinterest unveils apps for Android, iPad

Image-based social networking service Pinterest has extended its mobile service by launching a native iPad app and also made its debut on Android.

Soon, iPads to scan palms for passwords

Tablet computers like the iPad may soon authenticate their rightful users by reading the unique movement of their hands, not their passwords.

Google launches storage service for personal files

Google is hoping to build the world`s largest digital filing cabinet in the latest attempt to deepen people`s dependence on its services.

Rumors swirl of smaller iPad, which Jobs detested

Talk has revived of a smaller iPad model, an idea company founder Steve Jobs derided publicly a year before he died.

Samsung updates tablets on heels of iPad refresh

The storage space on the new Galaxy Tab 2 will also be expandable with small memory cards.

Apple`s `iPad` is the only tablet people know

Apple is on the verge of doing what few others have: change the English language.

New Apple iPad in wi-fi trouble?

Apple`s new iPad has trouble picking up and holding on to wi-fi signals, say users.

25 countries to get iPad a week after US launch

The new iPad is Apple`s third version and sports a faster processing chip and a sharper screen. It works with a faster cellular network called 4G.

`iPad emerges leading tablet for businesses`

Apple`s iPad has dominated the tablet market so far, and will remain the top tablet despite rival tablets grabbing its market share, a new survey has revealed.