With iPads, passport verification goes hi-tech in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Police has distributed 200 iPads with 3G connectivity to the verification officers of the Special Branch for speedy verification of passport personal particulars forms (PPFs).

Jennifer Lopez has strict parenting rules for 7-yr-old twins
Jennifer Lopez has strict parenting rules for 7-yr-old twins

 Jennifer Lopez has admitted that she is a strict mother to her 7-year-old twins Max and Emme and regularly keeps an eye on them.

Apple iOS bug makes most devices vulnerable to attack: Researchers

Cybersecurity researchers have warned that a bug in Apple Inc`s iOS operating system makes most iPhones and iPads vulnerable to cyberattacks by hackers seeking access to sensitive data and control of their devices.

Taking smartphones, iPads to bed could make you an insomniac

As insomnia becomes a serious epidemic, experts have revealed that more than 28 million people do not get at least seven hours a night.

iPads can help autistic children develop language skills

A new study has suggested that iPads play an important role in making children with autism learn to speak.

What happens to diseased Apple iPads once resold?

Once damaged, the Apple iPads still contain some value that allow them to be revived and resold to wholesalers overseas.

iPads to help mums bond with newborns in hospitals

The program, called BabyTime, allows moms to visit with their infants and the medical team over a secured Internet connection.

Orangutans get iPads at US National Zoo

Orangutans at a US National Zoo have been given iPads and are now using 10 different musical, drawing and gaming apps to keep occupied.

Microsoft to release Office Apps for Android Tabs, iPads

Software giant Microsoft is set to release Microsoft Office for Android tabs and iPads and an Outlook Web app for iOS this fall.

Orangutans at Miami zoo use iPads to communicate

The 8-year-old twins love their iPad. They draw, play games and expand their vocabulary. Their family`s teenagers also like the hand-held computer tablets, too, but the clan`s elders show no interest.

iPads too can cause `computer vision syndrome`

iPads too can contribute to “computer vision syndrome” by staring at a screen for long periods of time without taking a break.

Pakistan air force making iPads

Pakistan`s military is working on the latest addition to its sprawling commercial empire: a homegrown version of the iPad.

Amazon sells 3.9 mn tablets in Q4 2011

Amazon.com shipped nearly 3.9 million Kindle Fire tablets in the last three months of 2011.

More Chinese cities seize iPads: Reports

Shenzhen Proview Technology, said this week it will ask customs officials to stop imports and exports of iPads.

To cut corners, Britain to give MPs free iPads

Sixteen members have been testing the Apple devices over the past year as part of proposals to modernise the parliament.

Post-Jobs, Apple unleashes new iPhone

Apple fans in Australia today became the first in the world to get their hands on the latest iPhone.

Fans reach for Steve Jobs` devices to mourn him

The admirers who turned his technological marvels into everyday tools used them as instruments of grief.

Apple iPads now come in handy for pilots

Pilots can use iPads to chart their flight, get updated information and save on fuel.

Now, a confession app on iPhones, iPads

Confession: A Roman Catholic App for iPhones, iPads is touted as the `perfect aid for every penitent.`