Warm water rising from below threatens Antarctic ice sheets
Warm water rising from below threatens Antarctic ice sheets

A team of scientists has observed rising temperatures on the West Antarctic shelf.

New projections show `how ice loss will add to `uneven` rising sea levels globally`

Sophisticated computer modelling has shown how sea-level will rise over the coming century could affect some regions far more than others.

Ice loss in both Greenland and Antarctica three times more than estimated

The combined rate of melting for the ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica has increased during the last 20 years, an international team of experts has found in a landmark study.

Mount Kilimanjaro may be ice free by 2060

The peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free-standing mountain, could be gone by 2060, scientists have claimed

Recent Antarctic temperature rise `unusual but not unique`

The Antarctic Peninsula, the rugged protrusion extending towards South America, is one of the most rapidly warming places on the planet.

Newly discovered underground Antarctic valley `speeding ice loss`

Researchers have discovered a one mile deep rift valley hidden beneath the ice in West Antarctica, which they believe is contributing to ice loss from this part of the continent.

Ridge clue to Antarctic ice loss

A yellow submarine has helped to solve a puzzle about one of Antarctica`s fastest-melting glaciers.

Greenland ice loss driven by warming seas: Study

Greenland`s continent-sized icesheet is being significantly eroded by winds and currents that drive warmer water into fjords, where it carves out the base of coastal glaciers, according to latest studies.