Greenland ice formed due to tectonic processes in deep Earth interior
Greenland ice formed due to tectonic processes in deep Earth interior

A new study has shed light on why Greenland is covered in ice and has suggested that the ice on Greenland could only form due to processes in the deep Earth interior.

Greenland Ice Sheet more sensitive to climate change than previously thought
Greenland Ice Sheet more sensitive to climate change than previously thought

A new study has revealed that despite its apparent stability, the massive ice sheet covering most of Greenland is more sensitive to climate change than earlier estimates have suggested.

Refreezing of deep ice sheets creates mysterious blocks in Greenland: Study

A new research has discovered a mysterious blocks of ice as tall as city skyscrapers and as wide as the island of Manhattan at the very bottom of the ice sheet in Greenland.

Antarctic ice sheet collapse has begun, shows research

In an alarming find, scientists have discovered that the collapse of West Antarctic ice sheet - that holds enough water to raise global seas by several feet - has already begun.

Global warming `not fully responsible for Greenland melting`

Researchers have estimated that up to half of the recent warming in Greenland and surrounding areas may be due to climate variations that originate in the tropical Pacific and are not connected with the overall warming of the planet.

East Antarctica is sliding sideways

It`s official! East Antarctica is pushing West Antarctica around.

Ice loss from West Antarctica on the increase

The West Antarctic ice sheet appears to be shedding far more ice than a few years ago, according to climate research unveiled Wednesday.

Antarctica crust similar to South India, Mozambique: Study

The crust of Antarctica is similar to that of South India and Mozambique, which indicates that the three were joined together in the past.

Greenland`s ice sheet was smaller 3,000-5,000 years ago

Scientists have said that Greenland`s shrunken ice sheet was smaller than today about 3-5,000 years ago.

Active volcano found under West Antarctic ice sheet

Researchers have discovered a smouldering volcano under a kilometer of ice in West Antarctica.

NASA to map Greenland ice sheet summer melt

For the first time, the Laser Vegetation Imaging Sensor, or LVIS, is set to fly aboard NASA`s new C-130 aircraft to map Greenland`s ice sheet and surrounding Arctic sea ice following a summer`s melt.

Vast channels beneath Antarctic ice discovered

Scientists have discovered 250 meter ice channels beneath a floating ice shelf in Antarctica.

Ice sheet in West Antarctica existed 20 mn yrs earlier than believed

A new research has showed that an ice sheet located on West Antarctica existed 20 million years earlier than previously thought.

Antarctic ice sheet more vulnerable to climate change than believed

A new research has claimed that East Antarctic Ice Sheet could be at a higher risk to the effects of climate change than previously believed.

How Antarctica`s ice sheet formed 12 mn years ago

A team of scientists from the US and UK has found geologic evidence that casts doubt on one of the conventional explanations for how Antarctica`s ice sheet began forming.

Ice flow to ocean offsetting Antarctica`s ice gain: Study

A new study shows that a lot of the ice gain in the Antarctic ice sheet due to increased snowfall triggered by climate change is balanced by an acceleration of ice flow to the ocean.

Greenland ice sheet marker of increased atmospheric acidity

In a new study, researchers have suggested that the decline in levels of the isotope nitrogen-15 is more directly related to increased acidity in the atmosphere.

Sea levels may rise much higher, says study

Sea levels may rise much higher than previously thought, suggests a new study on fossil corals, which shows how warmer climes in the past promoted dramatic melting of polar ice sheets.

Russia rescues 675 anglers off drifting ice sheet

Ice fishing is wildly popular throughout Russia in the
winter months.

Scientists pin down historic sea level rise

The collapse of an ice sheet in Antarctica up to 14,650 years ago might have caused sea levels to rise between 14 and 18 metres (46-60 feet).