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US Senate passes landmark immigration bill

The bill provides a pathway to citizenship to more than 11 million undocumented people, including over 240,000 Indians.

US Immigration bill headed for Senate passage

At least 15 Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic side to end debate on the all-important amendment.

Immigration bill to reduce deficit by $175 bn in 10 years

The US immigration bill, which is awaiting passage by the Senate, will reduce the American budgetary deficit by USD 175 billion in 10 years.

Immigration is a driving force in American economy: Obama

"Immigration isn't just part of our national character; it is a driving force in our economy that creates jobs and prosperity for all of our citizens," Obama said at a White House event on immigration ahead of the Senate consideration of the comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Obama urges Senate to pass immigration overhaul bill

US President Barack Obama on Saturday urged lawmakers to pass an immigration overhaul bill that the Senate is due to debate this week, saying that it was "commonsense" though not perfect.