Indian-origin professor among researchers making sepsis diagnosis breakthrough

US researchers, including an Indian-origin professor at California's Standford University have identified a set of 11 genes that could help faster and accurate diagnosis of patients with sepsis and separate them from those with other forms of inflammation.

Father's age linked to blood cancer risk in his kids

A new study links a father's age at the birth of his child to the risk that the child will develop blood and immune system cancers as an adult, particularly for single kids.

Measles weakens immune system up to three years

Children affected by measles may live with a suppressed immune systems for up to three years, not just one or two months as earlier thought, new research has revealed.

How to counter side effects of antibiotics

There are times when it becomes unavoidable to take antibiotics. While these may cure you of your diseases, they leave you with nasty side effects like bloating, belching, gas, constipation and diarrhoea.

Immune system regulates sensitivity to bitter taste

New research reveals that an immune system regulatory protein that promotes inflammation also helps regulate sensitivity to bitter taste.

Eating cooked shiitake mushrooms everyday can boost immunity

A new study has revealed that eating cooked shiitake mushrooms everyday can boost the immunity.

Immune system link to Alzheimer`s disease: US study

The immune system may play a part in Alzheimer`s disease, US researchers have discovered, in a breakthrough which could lead to the development of new treatments for the most common form of dementia.

Anti-HIV antibody shows promise in first human trial

A new anti-HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) antibody has been found safe and controlling HIV levels for about a month in early human trail, says a study.

Human trial holds promise for novel cancer vaccine

A small human trial has shown significant promise for developing anti-cancer vaccines and personalised cancer therapies in near future.

Vaccine boosts immune response in cancer patients

 A new vaccine improves the immune system's response to cancer by using altered forms of proteins from the patient, according to a study published by the journal Science.

Smoking makes superbugs more aggressive: Study

MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant superbug, becomes even more resistant to killing by the immune system when exposed to cigarette smoke, a new study has warned.

Simple blood test to tell if you can catch peanut allergy

Researchers have developed a simple blood test which can foretell whether one was liable to have severe allergic reactions to peanut and seafood.

Metabolic imbalance triggers inflammatory immune response

An imbalance in the metabolism can trigger inflammatory processes in the body and activate the immune system even among newborns and children under one year of age, scientists have found.

This is how human immune system protects itself from TB bacteria

Scientists have explained via a model, how human immune system keeps at bay from TB.

First phase 1 trial finds Ebola vaccine 'safe and effective'

Phase 1 trial of first Ebola vaccine, which was based on 2014 virus strain, has not only shown that the vaccine is safe, but has also provoked an immune response.

Cancer treatment breakthrough by Indian American professor

Queen's University cancer researcher Madhuri Koti has discovered a biomarker that will help lead to better predictions of the success of chemotherapy in ovarian cancer patients.

Effective malaria vaccine one step closer

 Australian researchers are closer to finding an effective malaria vaccine after they discovered a key strategy used by the body's immune system to fight the deadly disease.

Researchers reveal how some bacteria go 'underground'

Bio-engineers at Stanford University in the US have unlocked a mystery spanning over six decades: why some bacteria shift their shape for some time, fooling the immune system, and recover their original form later.

Tetanus shot may aid treatment of deadly brain cancer: Study

Can a tetanus shot help treat brain cancer? A small study hints that it might.

Eating late at night bad for your brain

Be warned if you have a strong urge to eat late at night for a new study shows that this could be bad for your brain.