Google's new software 'Pony Express' will reportedly let users pay bills directly from inbox

Google is reportedly developing a new software called Pony Express that will allow users to pay their bills directly from Gmail inboxes.

Stop checking emails too often to relieve stress
Stop checking emails too often to relieve stress

Is your inbox burning you out? Take heart and try not to open emails quite often to reduce stress.

The six ‘Ds’ to keep your inbox clutter-free!

A new workshop had revealed the six easy ways to keep our inbox clutter-free as we struggle to handle high volumes of emails every day.

LazyTruth: The new weapon to fight spam!

Are you fed up with crap messages flooding your inbox? Researchers claim to have developed a new software to address the problem -- an automatic fact-checker built into your email.

Google launches priority inbox, unveils spam killer

A new feature for its Gmail service will filter the most important messages from spam, Google has said.

Google unveils inbox to cut e-mail clutter

The feature relies on formulas to figure out which incoming messages are likely to be most important.