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Higher education needs radical changes: C Rangarajan

Former Chairman of Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister C Rangarajan today said higher education in India is at "cross-roads", and needs radical changes.

Deepak Parekh pitches for greater govt, corp investment in education

"There is a lot of innovation that can be brought into the education space and with this initiative, HDFC aims to create a visible impact on schooling system," he added.

Transforming education in India is very complex: Azim Premji

Industry captain and philanthropist Azim Premji has called upon the government and other stakeholders to invest more resources to improve the state of education in the country.

India ranks no 2 in search queries for education: Google

India was ranked 8th in 2008, and is now behind only to the US, reveals a study titled 'Students on the web' compiled by Google India.