Indian kitchen goes global, ‘keema’, ‘papad’ now English words

Owing to the increasing popularity and demand of Indian food items at the global level, a number of Indian food names like "keema" and "papad" have been included in the Oxford English dictionary for the first time.

Pregnant Duchess Kate `craving for spicy Indian curries`

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is due to give birth to the royal baby in just a few days, wants to eat Indian food - known to trigger labour.

Angelina Jolie flies Brad Pitt`s fav Indian curry to LA from UK

Angelina Jolie reportedly arranged for Brad Pitt`s favourite Indian restaurant in Surrey to cook and flash-freeze dishes for her to fly to him, at the couple`s Los Angeles home.

Mystery meat found in London curries could be of `dog or cat`

Europe`s horsemeat scandal took a new turn when a mystery meat was found in some Indian takeaway dishes here, which could be even of `dog or cat`.

Christina Hendricks set to visit family home in Britain to taste Indian curry

Christina Hendricks, whose family hails from Birmingham, has said that she would take a “pilgrimage” in order to visit the city’s famous ‘Balti Triangle.’

Whiff of curry wafts over Helsinki with 30 Indian restaurants

The popularity of Indian food has led to a boom in the hotel industry with Helsinki alone, which celebrates 200 years as Finnish capital next year.

Indian curry spice turmeric is a natural born cancer killer

The main component in turmeric, suppresses a cell-signalling pathway in human saliva that drives the growth of head and neck cancer.

Indian curry spices curb oxidative effects of fatty meals

Adding Indian curry spices like turmeric and cinnamon to a high-fat meal could help reduce oxidative stress and thus thwart the risk of chronic disease, according to a new study.

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Pumpkin

Sweet and sour pumpkin is a typical Indian recipe perfect for sumptuous lunch.

Herb used in Indian curries can spice up things in the bedroom

A herb used to add flavour to Indian curries can also spice up our sex lives, according to a new study.

Sir Cliff Richards to celebrate 70th birthday with Indian curry

Sir Cliff Richards is not planning a big lavish bash for his 70th birthday; instead he plans to have a quiet, private party with his closed ones, having an Indian curry.

Anthony Hopkins falls for Indian curry

Sir Anthony Hopkins has developed such a liking for Indian curry that he ordered a red-hot curry at an Indian restaurant without any rice or bread.