Welcome rain drops for India Inc!

FMCG, Automobiles, Fertilisers, Telecom are amongst the prominent sectors which get impacted either way by the quantum of monsoon each year. Companies in these sectors are bullish given the monsoon onset in view of the resultant rural economic activity.

Dark clouds finally bring relief for UPA!

A good or bad monsoon is contagious for politics as well. In fact, successive years of good monsoons have saved UPA from facing a shortage of food grains despite the government’s inability to push forward supply-side reforms, the primary factor behind inflation.

Reforms or populism? UPA must take a call

While the supporters of reforms believe that market-driven policies will bring prosperity, the other group thinks that the state's paternalism through doles and subsidies will ensure an inclusive development.

Hillary Clinton lauds eastern India`s economic potential

Hillary Clinton, who arrived in West Bengal Sunday and flies to New Delhi Monday evening, said: "We need to find win-win solutions for everybody."

`India home to 500 million workforce by 2022`

By 2022, India would be home to over 500 million skilled workforce and it would play a significant role in the growth of country`s economy, a British lawmaker on Saturday said here.

Words like crisis, growth dominated Budget speech

Words like `crisis`, `slowdown` and `challenges` grew in count in the budget speech of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee from the last year level.

Time for common minimum good

It is time to give a definite try for ‘consensus’ on economic and social policies.

Time for common minimum good

It is time to give a definite try for ‘consensus’ on economic and social policies.

‘Development is not possible in face of political instability’

India is one of the few countries where improvement is huge. The policy prescription is right but there are issues of management, which can improve. India has some of the finest social welfare and rural development schemes which the world is trying to replicate.

Cost overruns amidst delays bog infra projects

India’s efforts to fill the yawning infrastructure deficit have met with little success with almost half of government projects running behind schedule, often leading to heavy cost overruns. About 81 per cent road, transport and highways sector projects stand delayed, making it among the worst hit.

Ideal economy: Powering growth with equitable dist

Will India achieve the 9% growth target set by the Finance Minister?

This too shall pass but can the damage be undone?

Despite the various scams and the slowdown in the India economy, P Chidambaram feels that the Indian government is focused on economic growth as was 20 years ago when the country was faced with stock market scam, yet had one of the best economic reforms.

Struggling economy hardens case to end policy tightening

India is nearing the end of its credit tightening cycle, as 10 interest rate increases since March 2010 exact a toll on growth in a once-roaring economy, making Tuesday`s expected rate rise potentially the last for the near future.

Looking Ahead: Powering growth with equitable distribution

Do we have the capacity to absorb 9% growth?

Looking Ahead: Powering growth with equitable distribution

Do we have the capacity to absorb 9% growth?

India eyes double-digit economic growth by 2013

The Indian economy, Asia`s largest after Japan and China, is accelerating and could reach double-digit growth by 2013, Indian Trade Minister Anand Sharma said Monday during a visit to Spain.

Efforts on to rid India of violence for 9% growth rate: PC

P Chidambaram has said serious efforts are on to make country free of terrorism and communal tension to achieve 9% growth rate.

India is way down 124th in economic freedom

With an economic freedom score of 53.8, India has been rated the 124th freest economy in the world.

Inflation may come down to 7% by March-end: Rangarajan

Amid projection that inflation could touch the double-digit mark, the Prime Minister`s advisory panel on Thursday said it could fall to 7 per cent by fiscal-end.

Panel to look into financial reforms: Fin Min

A panel of experts will review over the next three months how to encourage foreign investment in the financial sector such as the bonds and the stock markets, the government said on Thursday.