A play that delves into relationship of minority groups

A gay couple discovers the life of an old Anglo-Indian couple through their left over belongings, and develops their own love story during this intimate journey. A play in the capital raises questions about love and its limitations for these couples who form a small part of India`s population.

Mindy Kaling differentiates herself from TV character

Actress Mindy Kaling, who plays Mindy Lahiri in her own TV series `The Mindy Project`, says she is not drawing from experience when she writes about the various hookups her character has each week.

Mindy Kaling keen to wear sari

American actress Mindy Kaling, whose parents are from India, is planning to embrace her Indian heritage and wear sari at her next red carpet event. She feels the the outfit is "alluring without being too revealing".

Indian American honored for laser displays of Indian heritage

Denver-based Manick Sorcar has been honored for introducing the younger generation in India and viewers in the West to Indian heritage through laser displays.

Save Indian heritage, urges Suniel

Suniel Shetty says it is important to save heritage sites like the Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan, for future generations.

Soha thrilled by romances of yore

Soha Ali Khan has said she has been fascinated by the history and thrilled by the romantic stories of royals.

Auction houses picking on Indian heritage

Growing awareness about India`s rich heritage is encouraging collectors to buy its historical art.