More than 450 Indian migrants dead in Qatar in 2012-13

More than 450 Indian migrants working in Qatar have died in the last two years, data shows as the Gulf state is under pressure over its rights record ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

Report calls for Hindi to be included in Australian curriculum

A vast untapped pool of skilled Indian migrants should be used to teach Hindi in Australian schools and universities, according to a report.

Only ‘quality’ migrants welcome, says UK

Two proposals outlined in a major speech by Immigration
Minister Damian Green are likely to affect Indian
professionals and migrants.

`Indian migrants to be one of largest communities in Oz`

Indian migrants will be one of
the largest communities in this country in the next 15 years
when Australia-born families will become a minority group, a
media report said on Sunday citing statistics from a consulting

Indian migrants using student loan scam to get UK visas

Serious loopholes in British immigration rules are potentially allowing thousands of young Indians to enter Britain on falsely obtained student visas.

Indian migrants in UK want dual citizenship

An influential group representing migrants from India and other non-European Union countries has petitioned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to allow dual citizenship to overseas Indians.

Indian migrants concerned over new UK laws

A leading group representing professionals from India and other non-European Union countries has said that Britain`s efforts to tighten immigration should not mean the retrospective application of
new laws.