Indian-origin man knifed in Britain succumbs to injuries

An Indian-origin man who was found stabbed at a house in Britain's Manchester city earlier this week succumbed to his injuries on his 63rd birthday, a media report said Wednesday.

Indian-origin IS member's sister urges him to return home

The sister of an Indian-origin man who skipped bail in Britain to join the Sunni radical group Islamic State (IS) in Syria has urged him to return to the country.

Indian-origin daughter jailed for 3 years over poison plot

An Indian-origin graphic designer acquitted by a UK court of trying to poison her mother in a Breaking Bad-inspired plot has been jailed for three years for acquiring deadly toxin abrin.

Indian-origin UK cabinet minister tops influential Asian list

Britain's first Indian-origin cabinet minister Sajid Javid has topped a list of the most influential Asians in the country.

Indian-origin man sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Singapore

A 27-year-old Indian-origin man has been sentenced to death by a court here for trying to smuggle diamorphine, a pure form of heroin, into Singapore, media reports said on Tuesday.

Indian-origin man jailed for sexually assaulting women

An Indian-origin man in Australia, who sexually assaulted women on trains, was Monday sentenced to 21 months in jail, media reported.

Indian-origin man jailed for 17 years for attempted murder

A 27-year-old Indian-origin man in the UK was on Friday jailed for 17 years for a pre-meditated savage axe attack on a Sikh religious leader inside a Gurdwara.

Royal Mail apologises to Indian-origin man for racial abuse

Britain`s Royal Mail has apologised to an Indian-origin man for racist abuse against him by an employee.

Indian-origin man jailed in Singapore for assaulting wife

An Indian-origin man in Singapore has been jailed for 12 weeks for hitting his wife with a motorcycle exhaust pipe, breaking her collarbone and left finger after he suspected she had an affair with someone.

Indian-origin escapes jail term over fatal car crash in UK

39-year-old Indian-origin man found guilty of running over and killing a woman while driving in town in north-western England has walked free after a British court handed him a suspended sentence.

Indian-origin man involved in car mishap fatality walks free

A court has freed an Indian-origin man, who mowed down a woman with his car in a British town last year, saying he was suffering from "stress" when the incident happened.

Indian-origin man crashes truck into car, kills 4 in Australia

An Indian-origin man has been charged in Australia with several offences after the truck he was driving crashed into a car, killing four members of a family.

Woman gets 20 yrs in jail for kidnapping Indian-origin man

A woman from Trinidad and Tobago has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for her role in the 2005 kidnapping of an Indian-origin man who later died as the hostage scheme went awry.

Indian-origin man`s body lies on his bed, police clueless

British police failed to find an Indian-origin man who was lying dead in his bed for 12 days after taking an overdose of prescription painkillers, an inquest has heard.

Indian-origin man in Singapore jailed

A Singapore court on Friday sentenced a 45-year-old Indian-origin man to two years in jail for molesting a 13-year-old boy.

Indian-origin man shot dead in Malaysia

A 30-year-old Indian-origin businessman has been shot dead in the Malaysian city of Alor Setar, local media reported.

Indian-origin lottery winner ‘died of poisoning’

Police in Chicago is investigating the mysterious murder of an Indian-origin businessman, who had won a million dollar lottery last year.

Indian-origin man gets life term for killing wife

An Indian-origin man, convicted of
going on a shooting spree and killing two persons including
his estranged wife in a Clifton church in New Jersey, has been
awarded a double life sentence without parole by a judge.

Indian-origin man gets life for wife murder plot

A South African man of Indian origin was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Durban court after he admitted paying two men 2,880 pounds for stage-managing a carjacking and killing his wife.