Fake encounters: Cops no more holy cows

Encounters between police and alleged criminals have now moved from being plain controversial topics and are resulting in a rising number of cases wherein policemen are being hauled up for notoriety and convicted for extra judicial killings under the garb of bringing offenders to book.

Significant rights abuses by Indian police, forces: US report

A US Congress-mandated report today said that abuses by police and security forces are the most significant human rights problems in India, but that the government had made some "progress" in cases seeking to punish officials for killings during the 2002 Gujarat riots.

With dismal police-to-people ratio, safety remains a pipe dream

If safety cannot be guaranteed as a right in India, blame it on the country’s abysmal police-to-population ratio.

`Strong local policing, strict laws will curb terror attacks`

Strengthening policing from the grass root level, enacting tough laws and speedy trial of cases would go a long way in preventing and controlling terror attacks.

Cultural performances mark 150th anniversary of Indian police

Dance, musical soiree and daredevil acts by different police forces from across the country marked the event `Spandan`.

Give patient hearing to common man: Prez to police

A patient hearing to the grievances of the common man and an honest effort to help him should be the mantra for police, Prez Pranab Mukherjee said.

Indore stabbing – Another life lost to police apathy

The apathy of the Indian Police has claimed yet another life – this time in an incident which has stunned the nation.

Tightened market grip responsible for rot in politics: Joshi

An ever-tightening grip of market forces on political system is solely responsible for prevailing rot in the Indian politics, Murli Manohar Joshi.

‘Cops’ role key in curbing dishonour killings’

Two noted advocates were appointed by the SC to assist it in tackling the malady of "dishonour killings" of young couples by `khap` panchayats.

Now more women police to man you

The hiring of women police personnel has recorded a 32% hike across India.

‘Police should not pick up innocents as suspects’

National Commission for Minorities has said police should not pick up innocent people from the minority community as suspects.

UP has 60% vacant posts in police

Uttar Pradesh has an overwhelming vacancy of 60 per cent in its police force against the country average of 25 per cent.

Indian police torture, says US cable

Indian security agencies torture prisoners to extract information, partly because forensic science is weak in the country, says a leaked US embassy diplomatic cable.

Indian police ask Britain to deport 2006 murder suspect

The Himachal Pradesh police, which have re-opened a probe into the 2006 murder of a British charity worker, Michael Blakey, in Dharamsala, has requested Scotland Yard to deport probable suspect, Pawan Bhardwaj, for re-examination.

3rd All Indian Police Shooting Championship to begin on Oct 10

The third All India Police Shooting Championship will be held at Punjab Armed Police Shooting Range from October 10 to 14.