New platform for Indian expatriates in Saudi Arabia

A group
of Indian professionals has launched its chapters in different
Saudi cities where Indian expatriates are employed.

US Lawmakers question rise in denial of H1B visas

H-1B and L1 work visas are popular among Indian professionals.

UK: Immigration rules to hit Indian professionals

Several Indian professionals will
be adversely affected by Britain`s new immigration rules that
come into effect on Wednesday.

Huge `talent deficit` may hit Corporate India: Deloitte

India Inc is likely to face a huge `talent deficit` in the coming years, as the country is not producing enough people equipped with the right skills required for the globalised environment, global consultancy Deloitte says.

Indian professionals protest new proposed UK visa curbs

Indian and other non-European Union professionals on Thursday expressed concern over a recommendation by a key migration panel to deny the right to settle in Britain for those coming here on intra-company transfers.

Indian professionals to get easy short-term visas from Korea

With the signing of a comprehensive India-South Korea free trade agreement, Indian professionals from 160 sectors such as IT and engineering would now be able to get easy short-term Korean visas.