Indian satellite GSAT-7 transponders switched on

All the 11 transponders of India`s advanced multiband communication satellite (GSAT-7) have been switched on and are performing well, the space agency said late Wednesday.

Indian satellite placed in geosynchronous orbit

India`s heaviest communication satellite (GSAT-10) was Wednesday placed in the geosynchronous orbit, about 36,000 km above the earth, the Indian space agency said.

European rocket to launch Indian satellite GSAT-10

India`s latest communication satellite GSAT-10 is slated to be launched from Kourou in French Guiana on September 22.

Indian satellite to check greenhouse gas emissions

India will launch a dedicated satellite in 2012 to monitor greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions.

NASA signs agreement with ISRO for use of Indian satellite

US space agency NASA has
signed an agreement with ISRO to use data from Indian
satellite Oceansat-2, for various American agencies for
research activities, including weather forecasting.