Indian scientist Kamal Bawa wins Midori Prize in Biodiversity 2014
Indian scientist Kamal Bawa wins Midori Prize in Biodiversity 2014

Indian scientist and ecologist Kamal Bawa has won the prestigious Midori Prize in Biodiversity 2014 for his research that included climate change in the Himalayas.

Scientist claims Ukraine air crash tragedy an attempt to wage World War III

Scientist Jayaprabhu, who claimed to have located the debris of the missing MH370 airliner, claimed that the tragedy of MH17 Boeing was to initiate a World War III by certain people.

India-born scientist named winner of 2014 World Food Prize

India-born plant scientist Sanjaya Rajaram has been named the winner of USD 250,000 World Food Prize for his contribution in increasing global wheat production by more than 200 million tonnes.

Scientists to lead delegations abroad, not ministers: Jitendra Singh

All scientific delegations to foreign countries will now be led by eminent scientists and not by ministers, the Centre said.

Indian scientist wins top British research fellowship

An Indian scientist in Britain has been granted a prestigious fellowship worth 1,068,000 pounds (around $1.8 million) by a top British agency that funds research in engineering and the physical sciences.

CNR Rao urges scientists to focus more on water, energy and environment

Eminent Indian scientist CNR Rao on Wednesday urged scientists to focus more on the burning problems like water, energy and environment.

Indian scientist-led team set to develop universal flu vaccine

A group of researchers, led by a prominent Indian scientist has taken a big step towards developing an universal vaccine that would protect people from every kind of flu.

Indian scientist discovers blue supergiant star in wild environment

An Indian scientist and his Taiwanese colleague have discovered a blue supergiant star located far beyond our Milky Way Galaxy in the constellation Virgo.

Indian scientist reported missing in US

An Indian scientist has gone missing in the United States since a year, his mother said here on Wednesday.

Indian scientist discovers giant super-massive black holes

Cambridge researchers, led by an Indian-origin scientist, have discovered a new population of enormous, rapidly growing super-massive black holes ever seen in the early Universe.

America not good for education: Top scientist

A top Indian scientist on Wednesday said
"America is not at all good for education", even as more
Indian students are taking wings to the US for higher studies.

German honour for noted Indian scientist

Noted Indian scientist CNR Rao has become the first Indian scientist to win the prestigious August-Wilhelm-von-Hoffmann medal for his outstanding contributions in chemistry, a science ministry official said Tuesday.

Indian scientist designs method to reduce radioactive waste

Nuke power could meet all our energy needs but leaves dangerous radioactive waste. Now, a team led by an Indian scientist has developed a new method.

When Indian scientist disproved US data on methane emission

India`s leading agro-scientist A.P. Mitra had disproved the US govt data on emission of methane gas from wet paddy cultivation.

Supercomputer performs 28.16 tn calculations per second

A scientist of Indian origin has created a new supercomputer, called Cystorm, which can carry out 28.16 trillion calculations per second.