Arctic scientists from India interact with President Mukherjee
Arctic scientists from India interact with President Mukherjee

President Pranab Mukherjee had a rare interaction through video-conference with Indian scientists working at the Himadri station, India's first Arctic research facility, located 1,200 kms from the North Pole.

President lauds scientists, ISRO for successful Mars Mission

President Pranab Mukherjee Tuesday congratulated the entire scientific community and space agency ISRO for successfully executing the country's Mars Orbiter Mission.

Indian scientists more religious than British peers: Study

Indian scientists are more religious than their British counterparts but they are more likely, than the general population, to not participate in a religious service or rituals, says a cross-national study of religion and spirituality among scientists.

Narendra Modi lauds Indian scientists on National Technology Day

BJP leader Narendra Modi Sunday said Indian scientists are "our strength" and they will help shape the future in this "knowledge era", while greeting the nation and the community of scientists on National Technology Day.

Scientists develop nanovehicle for targeting diseased tissues

Two Indian scientists have developed a "gold nanovehicle" that can be used to deliver drugs specifically to diseased tissues without affecting other healthy organs, according to a recent study.

Indian scientists in Mars mission

The following are the Indian scientists who have made the Mars Orbiter Mission possible:

More efforts required for faster growth: Mukherjee

President Pranab Mukherjee pitched for stronger efforts to enable the country to secure growth at a faster pace and expressed confidence that India would be able to stop present "deceleration" in its economy.

Battling Kala azar: Indian scientists overcoming drug resistance

With drug resistance threatening the battle against kala azar, which afflicts 350 million in 88 countries, a group of Indian scientists has taken a giant step to develop a potential therapy by using tiny molecules present in the body.

Three Indian scientists played a role in mapping universe

The most-detailed map of the universe created through the observations made by Planck space telescope has an Indian element to it.

Indian scientists develop `snake robots` for rescue ops

Fitted with a high definition camera and ultrasonic sensors, snake robots are flexible enough to enter into a narrow opening.

Indian scientists develop technique to detect genetic variations

Some of these genetic variations termed SNPs are associated with cancer, certain infectious diseases like leprosy, AIDS, and many others.

Indian scientists find safe drug against kala azar

Termed by WHO as a "neglected disease", kala azar or visceral leishmaniasis is the second-largest parasitic killer in the world

Indian scientists help save 131 trees in Cambodian temple

Indian scientists have been successful in conserving 131 trees at the 800-year-old Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia, better known as `Temple Tree`.

`Affordable test strips for diabetes`

Scientists are trying to develop more affordable test strips.

Indian scientists decode piegonpea (Arhar) genome

Farm scientists have decoded genome of piegonpea (arhar) -- the second most important pulse in the country -- a breakthrough which would help in developing new varieties and enhancing productivity of the pulse crop.

Patil praises Indian scientists` input at CERN

President Pratibha Patil on Saturday visited the prestigious France-based European Organisation for Nuclear Research, commonly known as CERN.

Indian scientists need to think big: PM

The Prime Minister stressed on the need to better higher education in the country.

Indian scientists develop aerostat

Indian scientists have indigenously developed an aerostat which could be deployed for surveillance of Naxal-hit areas.

Indian scientists hoist Tricolour at South Pole

Braving sub-zero temperatures, a team of Indian scientists hoisted the tri-colour at South Pole.

`Indian scientists to train in Israel for N-plant security`

130 scientist from TAPS will get trained in the latest N-saftey.