`India to allow greater access to IAEA to monitor civilian atomic program`

India on Monday said its decision to ratify the additional protocol to Indian specific safeguard agreement was a "signal" that the country will abide by its international obligations.

US for international convention to resolve nuclear liability issue

Seeking to fast-track Indo-US civil nuclear energy cooperation, Washington on Tuesday suggested that the two countries opt for international convention to resolve impasse over liability in case of accidents, a stand that may not be in tune with New Delhi`s position.

2008 cash scam: Court reserves order on framing of charges

A Delhi court on Thursday reserved its order on framing of charges in the 2008 cash-for-vote-scam involving former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh and two BJP MPs.

`Nuclear liability law poses challenge to Indo-US nuke deal`

India`s nuclear liability law posed a tough challenge for implementing the "transformational" Indo-US nuclear deal though there is a very strong desire to move forward, Nisha Desai Biswal said.

‘US concerned over India`s Nuclear liability law’

An MoU inked between Indian and American firms for setting up a nuclear reactor in Gujarat does not mean that America`s concerns over India`s nuclear liability law has been addressed, a top US official has said.

‘Little progress on Indo-US nuclear deal’

A top Republican Senator has accused the Obama administration of
doing little to implement the Indo-US civil nuclear deal.

‘India should ensure implementation of Indo-US N-deal`

A senior Obama administartion
official has said that Indian should ensure the full
implementation of the India-US civil nuclear deal.

William Burns to hold talks with NSA, FS

The civil nuclear agreement, signed by the two countries in 2008 will top the agenda when Burns meets National Security Adviser and Foreign Secretary.

‘Manmohan Singh was hesitant on Indo-US N-deal’

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was not very keen on Indo-US nuclear deal as he was sceptical of its fallout on domestic politics, writes Condoleezza Rice.

‘India`s N-liability law not consistent with CSC’

India`s 2010 nuclear liability law is not consistent with the Convention on Supplementary Compensation (CSC) on Nuclear Damage, the US has said.

‘Indo-US N-deal implementation will take 2 yrs’

Finalising the business model with NPCIL by the US vendors is going to
be the most "time consuming" effort, a top nuclear business
expert said.

US supports clean NSG exception for India

The Obama administration has said it fully supports the "clean" Nulcear Suppliers Group exception for India and speedy implementation of the Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement between the two countries.

BJP supports the done nuclear deal: Jaitley

Arun Jaitley also said there was "no substitute" to engagement with Pakistan.

Indo-US N-deal has not weakened NPT: US

The Indo-US nuclear deal has not diluted NPT as the pact comes with "transparency mechanisms", said US.

No delay in implementation of the nuclear deal: Rao

Implementation of the nuclear deal is "proceeding smoothly and satisfactorily" and the civil nuclear liability bill is likely to be introduced in the Parliament after the recess, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said on Tuesday.

Reprocessing accord with India soon: US

Reiterating that Washington remains "very much committed" to the nuclear deal with India, a US official sees "good progress" on crucial talks on reprocessing and hopes an accord would emerge well before the August deadline.

India nuclear deal has not complicated non-proliferation efforts: US

The landmark India-US civil nuclear deal has not complicated efforts to achieve universalisation of the Additional Protocol for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards as a condition for nuclear supply.

‘Obama’s take on Indo-US nuke deal different from Bush’

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, during his visit to the United States as the first state guest of Barack Obama, will certainly discuss the delay in implementation of the Indo-US nuclear deal, which was concluded last year.

Bush favours UNSC seat for India

George W Bush has backed India`s claim for a UNSC seat, but indicated that it`s going to be a difficult process.

Obama sends report to Congress on Indo-US nuclear deal

President Barack Obama has sent the report on the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal to the US Congress, the White House said on Thursday.