Sushma Swaraj raises snooping issue with US; Kerry calls India, America `indispensable partners`

John Kerry said on Thursday that India and America were indispensable partners in the 21st century and there were incredible possibilities in the relationship between the two countries.

India confident of strengthening strategic partnership with US

India on Thursday said it was confident that under the leadership of Secretary of State John Kerry Indo-US relationship will continue to strengthen.

‘No lull and dip in Indo-US relationship’

India and the US have jointly refuted the perception that there was a "lull and dip" in the relation between the two countries and it is "oversold".

IT industry a key constituent in Indo-US ties: Rao

The Indian IT industry is a key
constituent in the growing Indo-US relationship, India`s top diplomat in Washington Nirupama Rao has said.

US lawmakers pledge to deepen India US ties

Cutting across party lines, US
lawmakers have pledged to redouble their efforts to further
deepen the strategic ties between the world`s oldest and
largest democracies.

Obama visit taken Indo-US relationship to a new peak: Shankar

The strategic relationship
between India and the United States has reached a new level
following the last month`s visit of the President Barack Obama
to New Delhi and Mumbai, Indian Ambassador to US Meera Shankar

‘Number of hurdles remain in Indo-US relationship’

Noting that the Indo-US
relationship continues to move on an upward trajectory, a
ex Bush administration official has said that there remain
a number of hurdles to build it a more enduring, strategic and
global partnership.