Iran`s Rouhani blasts critics as `political cowards`

The US is embracing India because it is disgusted with Pakistan and Indo-US ties are not about "values and friendship", a Pakistani newspaper said Monday.

US can play key role to help India address challenges: Biswal

Ahead of visits by top American diplomats to bolster economic and strategic ties with the new Indian government, the US has said it can play a key role to help India address challenges in priority areas such as defence, infrastructure and foreign investment.

US looking at `reinvigorating` India-US relationship: Rhodes

The US is excited about the prospect of "reinvigorating" the Indo-US ties under the new Indian Government.

Narendra Modi govt presents opportunity to reset Indo-US ties: IACC

The new government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi presents an opportunity to reset Indo-US trade relations and work towards finding a solution to the contentious intellectual property rights issue, a top official of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce said on Thursday.

US sees strengthening of relationship with India under Modi

The Obama administration hopes that Indo-US strategic relationship would not only strengthen but would also reach a new high under Narendra Modi-led government, which has earned a strong and decisive mandate from the people of the country the first in 30 years.

India polls will set new stage for Indo-US ties: Powell

The US on Friday said the ongoing elections in India will set the stage for the next phase in Indo-US ties and rejected the views that the bilateral relationship "has fallen into the doldrums".

Top US diplomat to visit India next week

A top Obama administration official will travel to India next week to broaden and deepen Indo-US ties following a brief standoff over the Devyani Khobragade affair.

I wonder if I`ll ever reunite with my family, says Devyani Khobragade

An Indian diplomat at the centre of a bitter row with the United States told Sunday of her "immense stress" at leaving behind her young family in New York, and vowed to clear her name.

Diplomat row: India insists US drop charges against Devyani Khobragade

India on Saturday insisted that the US should drop the charges of visa fraud against its diplomat Devyani Khobragade, who has returned here after being expelled by the American authorities.

Obama believes in further cementing Indo-US ties: White House

Describing America`s relationship with India as an "extremely important" one, the White House today said that President Barack Obama believes strongly that ties need to continue and must be further cemented.

Reciprocity key to progress in Indo-US ties: Omar

Omar rued the fact that "we go out of our way" to treat the US diplomats while Washington does not extend the same courtesy to the Indian diplomats.

Nisha Desai`s success reflective of deep Indo-US ties: Kerry

With Nisha Desai Biswal becoming US` first ever Indian-American point person for South Asia, Secretary of State John Kerry has said her success and that of others from the community is reflective of the deep ties his country has with India.

Manmohan Singh, Barack Obama meeting to boost strategic Indo-US ties

Some agreements including in the field of defence are expected to be signed after the summit meeting between the two leaders, their third since 2009.

Indo-US ties will hit a wall without reforms: US Congressman

A top American lawmaker cautioned that there is an increasing feeling in the Congress that India-US relationship would hit a wall, if New Delhi did not carry out the necessary reforms.

Rao discusses Indo-US ties with top US lawmaker

Ahead of the India-US Strategic Dialogue in New Delhi later this summer, Indian Ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao has met a key Republican lawmaker, who drives the party`s foreign policy in the House of Representatives.

`Indo-US ties one of the defining 21st century partnerships`

The US on Monday said that it "fervently" supports India`s rise.

Indian-Americans` interest in lobbying for Indo-US ties waning

With Indo-US relationship blossoming under Obama Administration, interest of the small but powerful Indian-American community to lobby for closer bilateral ties appears to be waning.

New US State Secretary calls Khurshid, discusses Indo-US ties

John Kerry has called up External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid who said India was looking forward to take the bilateral ties to a higher level encompassing diverse sectors.

New US State Secy vows to take Indo-US ties forward

New US Secretary of State John Kerry has called up External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid who said India was looking forward to take the bilateral ties to a higher level encompassing diverse sectors.

Indo-US ties to be stronger with Obama re-election: Chidambaram

P Chidambaram expressed the hope that economic ties with the United States would improve with the re-election of Barack Obama as the US President.