China executes man for abducting, trafficking 22 infants

Tan Yongzhi was executed by a local court in the country's central Henan province, state-run xinhua news agency reported without providing the exact date.

Bengal plans 24x7 helpline for sick kids, pregnant women

State health service director B.R. Satpathi said the proposal is "under consideration."

Screen time can turn your baby into late bloomer

In a world where "screen time" is becoming simply "time," a new research has revealed that screen-based activities can't replace personal interactions.

Chikungunya virus may cause brain infection

 Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus, can lead to severe brain infection and even death in infants and people over 65, a study says.

Infants below age one at high physical abuse risk

Infants under the age of 12 months are prone to the risk of serious physical abuse at home, reveals a study.

Preemies at greater risk of mental illness

One of every nine infants in the United States is born early and, thus, with increased risk of cognitive difficulties, problems with motor skills, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders and anxiety.

Poor infant sleep may indicate attention problems later

The results showed that infant sleep are linked to toddler attention regulation and behaviour problems. 

Asthma steroids during infancy may stunt growth

Children who are given asthma medications during the first two years of life are likely to be stunted later on, says a study.

Toddlers' asthma meds curb growth

A new study has linked asthma medications taken during infancy to stunted growth.

Stress causes infants to resort to habits

Under stress, people are inclined to resort to habits, rather than try out new things, and the same is true for infants, a new study by psychologists from Germany's Ruhr University Bochum showed.

Probiotics can reverse cow's milk allergies in infants

 A probiotic formula when given to infants who developed intolerance to cow's milk has reversed the food allergy by increasing gut bacteria associated with good health, new research shows.

Premature babies less affluent in adulthood

 Children who are born premature tend to accumulate less wealth as adults, and this may be due to their lower mathematics abilities, suggests new research.

Odisha: Four more crib deaths, minister visits paediatric hospital

Odisha Health Minister Atanu Sabyasachi Naik on Sunday night made a surprise visit to 'Sishu Bhawan' paediatric hospital here where 51 infants died in past 10 days.

How infants learn new languages?

How infants learn new languages?

An early social behaviour called gaze shifting is linked to infants' ability to learn sounds of new languages, says a new study.

Expectations shape infants' brains: Study

 Infants can use their expectations about the world to rapidly shape their developing brains, shows research.

Odisha: 30 infants down with unknown disease

At lease 30 infants were down with an unknown disease in a remote village in Odisha's Malkangiri district, doctors said on Monday.

Acid-reducing meds may up C. Diff. infection risk in kids

A new study has found that infants and children, who take acid-reducing medications, could have a significantly greater risk of developingClostridium difficile infection.

Finnish mum gets life for killing five newborns

A Finnish court on Monday sentenced a 36-year-old woman to life in prison for killing her five newborns between 2005 and 2013 and hiding them in a freezer.

Five infants die within 36 hours in UP hospital; family alleges negligence

Five infants died at a women's hospital here within 36 hours, triggering protest by family members who alleged negligence by the hospital.

Infants find their voice in company of other babies

Infants find their voice in company of other babies

All new mothers, please take note! Ensure that you put your six-month-old baby in the company of other babies and not adults. This is to prepare them to "find their own voice" sooner.