Stem cells to power your sperm

Men struggling with infertility could breathe a sigh of relief as scientists have now successfully coaxed stem cells made from the skin cells of infertile men into producing sperm cell precursors that could eventually lead to healthy sperm production.

Many infertile men suffering from Varicocele can get cured by Embolisation

Do you have a dragging like or aching pain within the scrotum-the part of the body behind the penis. It causes a feeling of heaviness in the testicles, caused generally by the atrophy or shrinking of the testicles. The illness is called Varicocele.

Embolization helps infertile men suffering from Varicocele

It is rarely known that fifteen to twenty percent of all males do suffer from some form of a disorder called varicocele, which affects their fertility. And most of these patients are shy of visiting the doctor to disclose this illness except when they are under severe pain.

Infertile men face heart disease risk

Men unable to procreate are more likely to die of heart disease than those with children.