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Investment limit in inflation bonds doubled to Rs 10 lakh

The Reserve Bank on Wednesday said the investment limit in the inflation indexed bonds for individuals has been doubled to Rs 10 lakh.

First issue of inflation indexed bonds oversubscribed

As per the RBI, which auctioned the '10 Years Inflation Indexed Government Stock, 2023', there were 167 competitive bids worth Rs 4,616 crore of which only 26 amounting to Rs 985.94 crore were accepted.

RBI says next series of IIBs could be linked to CPI, too

The Reserve Bank Monday said the soon-to-be-launched inflation index bonds could also be linked to consumer price index in the future.

RBI to launch inflation-linked bonds on June 4

The Reserve Bank on Wednesday announced it will launch inflation-linked bonds every month, starting June 4, to attract household savings of up to Rs 15,000 crore this fiscal so as to discourage investments in gold.

Inflation indexed bonds may be issued in a month: RBI

The Reserve Bank is expected to launch within a month the inflation-indexed bonds (IIBs), with 7-15 years maturity, which will help investors hedge their savings against inflation.

FSDC sub-committee to discuss inflation-linked bonds tomorrow

The sub-committee of the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) is likely to discuss the modalities of inflation indexed bonds at its meeting in Mumbai on Thursday.

Will Inflation indexed bonds be third time lucky?

Inflation-indexed securities link their capital appreciation, or coupon payments, to inflation rates. Investors seeking safe returns with little to no risk will often hold inflation-indexed securities.