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Even healthy children and teens die of the flu

Every flu season, health officials warn that people with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable to severe flu infections, but a new study shows that more than 40 percent of flu-infected kids who die have no other chronic health problems.

Indian-origin scientist’s new home test for early diagnosis of influenza

An Indian-origin scientist has developed a new technology which is showing promise as the basis for a much-needed home test to diagnose influenza quickly.

Influenza can be `deadly` for new mums and obese people

New mothers and obese people, two groups that not typically identified as risk groups, have been found at a greater risk of death and other severe outcomes from influenza, according to a study.

Flu shots effective regardless of circulating influenza strain

Though strains going around during flu season often don`t match a particular vaccine, new research has found that the shot still does a good job of preventing the onset of the flu.

Saliva proteins may protect older people from bird flu

A study on human saliva provides new insights into why older people were better able to fight off the new strains of "bird" flu and "swine" flu than younger people.

Drug target to boost body`s natural flu killer identified

A known difficulty in fighting influenza (flu) is the ability of the flu viruses to mutate and thus evade various medications that were previously found to be effective.

Novel concept advances development of universal flu vaccine

The experimental vaccine was active against a wider range of H1N1 influenza virus strains than the licensed vaccine.

Experimental drug prevents influenza deaths

Researchers have come up with an experimental drug capable of preventing lung injury and death from influenza virus, says a study.

Potential novel treatment for influenza found

In a new study, an experimental drug has shown promise in treating influenza, preventing lung injury and death from the virus in preclinical studies.

Higher humidity may thwart flu virus transmission

Those worried about the coughing and sneezing associated with the upcoming flu season, should consider boosting the humidity in the rooms around you.

New discovery could lead to more effective flu drugs

A discovery could spur a new generation of drugs that would be more effective against the flu virus than current drugs.

Myths about cold and flu busted

Flu and other viruses are wreaking havoc on people’s busy lives and in desperate hope to keep viruses at bay, many people are wondering if some cold myths are true.

US may face more severe flu seasons: Study

American population will experience earlier and more severe flu seasons prompted by climate change, a new research has warned.

Revealed: 2 Paths used by Dengue virus to penetrate cells

Researchers have discovered two new cell receptors used by Dengue virus to penetrate target cells.

Now, a tool to predict flu

Seasonal influenza kills about half a million people per year.

New compound boosts efficacy of HIV, flu vaccine

Scientists have discovered a compound that boosts the effect of vaccines against the flu, HIV and herpes virus in mice.

Effective antibodies against flu strains identified

Scientists have identified three human antibodies effective against flu B virus strains. The same team had earlier reported finding antibodies against flu A strains.

Potent first-strike influenza drug target identified

In a new study, researchers have shown how compounds blocking an enzyme universal to all influenza viruses may allow development of new antiviral drugs that also avoid the problem of drug resistance.

New flu virus found in seals could impact humans

US Scientists have identified a new strain of influenza in harbour seals that could impact human and animal health by causing potential pandemic flu.

Plant hormone may be key to healing influenza

Researchers have discovered that abscisic acid, a natural plant hormone with known beneficial properties for the treatment of disease, has anti-inflammatory effects in the lungs as well as in the gut.