China installs high-definition cameras along Great Wall

China installs high-definition cameras along Great Wall

An expert on the Great Wall, Dong Yaohui, says many of the scratches were left by tourists in the 1980s to 1990s when people were less aware of the importance of ancient monument protection, and preventative measures were far from effective.

Aug 20, 2017, 13:32 PM IST

DMRC to install more lifts and escalators

Delhi Metro will install 800 lifts and
escalators in its ambitious Phase-III project that envisages
connecting another 107 km of the capital.

Jan 06, 2012, 18:37 PM IST

Karnataka govt to install mobile phone jammers in jails

Karnataka Government has decided
to install jammers in all jails to curb usage of mobile phones
by criminals while in custody, state Home Minister R Ashoka
said on Saturday.

May 21, 2011, 22:32 PM IST

7 watch towers to be installed in Kashi Vishwanath temple

Seven watch towers will be
installed in the premises of Kashi Vishwanath temple here as
part of a stringent security arrangement around the 18th
century structure, officials said.

Mar 30, 2011, 18:36 PM IST