DU to soon have policy on registration of patents

What research exactly is patentable? What are the legal issues involved? If the student pursues a research using university infrastructure, is the outcome students' intellectual property?

US healthcare experts express concerns over IP Working Group

Independent American healthcare experts have expressed concerns over the decision of India and the United States to establish a high-level working group on intellectual property to address each other's issues.

Google ads to be banned from sites having pirated content

Ads from Google and other big web advertisers will be banned from sites offering link to pirated content as result of US scheme intended to get rid of illicit revenues.

Google buys more than 1,000 IBM patents

The new purchase boosts Google`s intellectual property portfolio which currently has just 700 patents.

Indian MDH loses to Pakistani MDH in website dispute case

Mahashian Di Hatti Ltd, popularly known by its brand name MDH, has lost a website address dispute case against a Pakistani firm engaged in a similar business at the World Intellectual Property Organisation.