intense heat

Sunstroke toll rises to 16 in Odisha

Sunstroke toll climbed to 16 in Odisha on Friday even as rains and a nor'wester in some areas brought respite from intense heat in the state.

Jun 09, 2017, 00:46 AM IST

Odisha under the grip of intense heat wave

The maximum temperature stood at 45 degrees Celsius at Bhawanipatna, Balangir and Titlagarh, making these places the hottest in the state.

May 21, 2017, 21:35 PM IST

Light rains bring respite from heat in Delhi

Delhiites on Wednesday got some respite from the intense heat following light rains in different parts of the national capital.

May 13, 2015, 13:29 PM IST

Intense heat killed life on some Earth like planets

 Even as astronomers search for extraterrestrial life in planets that look a lot like Earth because of presence of oxygen, some such planets may not be habitable because of intense heat during their formative years, says a study.

Dec 04, 2014, 15:21 PM IST

Delhi continues to reel under intense heat

The national capital on Tuesday continued to reel under intense heat with hot winds blowing all through the day.

May 28, 2013, 20:54 PM IST

Vidarbha continues to reel under intense heat

There was a slight respite on Monday from scorching heat as compared to yesterday in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra though the temperatures continued to hover well above 40 degrees Celsius.

Apr 29, 2013, 22:45 PM IST

Jharkhand: Garwah scorches at 46.5

Several places in Jharkhand on Saturday experienced temperatures three to five degrees above normal with the mercury soaring to 46.5 degree celsius in Garhwa.

Jun 02, 2012, 22:18 PM IST

Punjab, Har reel under intense heat due to hot westerly winds

Punjab and Haryana will continue to reel under scorching heat for some more days with less western disturbances and hot westerly winds bringing in more hot and dry air, Meteorological Department said Tuesday.

May 25, 2010, 16:26 PM IST

W Orissa under intense heat, respite in coastal areas

Western Orissa continued to
reel under blistering heat with maximum temperature soaring
to 45.6 degree Celsius in Sambalpur today, though coastal
areas had a respite with fall in mercury.

Apr 11, 2010, 22:29 PM IST