Sonar mapping for oil killed Madagascar whales: Study

A noisy technology that blasts high-frequency sounds below water to map the ocean for oil probably caused the deaths of 75 melon-headed whales off Madagascar, experts have said.

Scientists urge New Zealand to save `sea hobbit`

The Maui`s dolphin is one of the world`s smallest, with a maximum length of 1.7 metres (5.5 feet), prompting conservationists to call it "the hobbit of the sea".

US concerned over South Korea`s whaling plan

South Korea`s plan has drawn criticism from Australia, New Zealand and other countries which have opposed Japan`s whaling in Antarctic waters.

Britain, Japan square off at whaling meet

The International Whaling Commission opened its 63rd annual meeting Monday.

Whaling commission ponders suspending hunting ban

The International Whaling Commission
began its most important meeting in decades debating whether
to scrap an ineffective 25-year ban on commercial hunting and
instead allow for limited whaling under a more enforceable

New whaling plan draws fire from all sides

A "peace plan" by the International Whaling Commission to legitimise but reduce whaling drew fire Friday as Japan demanded higher quotas and environmentalists warned of serious harm to the ocean giants.