Only 20 percent Indians have access to Internet: Study
Only 20 percent Indians have access to Internet: Study

Only 20 per cent in India have access to the internet at least occasionally while a mere 14 per cent own a smartphone, a new study conducted across 32 emerging and developing nations has found.

Zuckerberg lauds telcos for connecting more people to Net
Zuckerberg lauds telcos for connecting more people to Net

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tuesday offered to partner with telecom operators to expand internet access, while lauding the efforts of Indian giant Airtel and other telcos on this front.

Richard Branson plans to build `satellite constellations` to provide internet access to all
Richard Branson plans to build `satellite constellations` to provide internet access to all

After venturing into space business, Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, is now pouring money into OneWeb, a satellite-internet company owned by former Google Satellite executive Greg Wyler.

Cuba, amid the censorship, wades into WiFi

Cuba, where Internet access is largely limited to government employees and pricey pay-by-hour public access, plans to start offering wireless service for the first time this month, officials said on Saturday.

Now turn your car into Wi-Fi hotspot
Now turn your car into Wi-Fi hotspot

Adding a latest product to their kit, 4G Network EE recently launched its latest in-car WiFi entertainment hub called the Buzzard 2.

Facebook's Internet providing drones will be of size of commercial airliner: Report

Facebook's Internet drones will reportedly be the size of a commercial aircraft like Boeing 747, and fly for years.

Solar-powered Internet access set to broaden reach of web

Solar energy can soon be harnessed into obtaining an Internet access!

Mark Zuckerberg unveils Facebook`s next 10-year plans

Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg has prepared a blueprint of plans for his company to take it to even greater heights. In his 10-year plan he has outlined his vision for Facebook and he intends to do that by increasing the resources.

Twitter to be available on mobile phones without Internet

A good news for all the Twitter lovers. Twitter Inc is tying up with a Singapore-based startup to make its service available to users in emerging markets who have entry-level mobile phones which cannot access the Internet.

Cisco, Facebook to work with businesses to expand free Wi-Fi use

Cisco Systems Inc and Facebook Inc said on Wednesday they will work with big businesses such as hotels and retailers to provide free wireless Internet access to consumers who sign in using a Facebook log-in.

Facebook-led project seeks Internet access globally for all

Facebook Inc`s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has enlisted Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Qualcomm Inc and four other companies for a project aimed at bringing Internet access to people around the world who cannot afford it.

`Teens with no internet access educationally disadvantaged`

Teens who have no access to internet and cellphones are educationally disadvantaged as the benefits of using such technologies far outweigh any perceived risks.

China blocks Internet access to Tiananmen Square-related search

China has reportedly blocked Internet access to search terms related to the 23rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square.

IIT-Kanpur may restrict Internet access

Authorities at the IIT here are deliberating on restricting
Internet access to students during the night.

Web monitoring forcing Chinese businesses to cancel Internet access

Business establishments across China are objecting to a move by the Public Security Bureau to install costly web monitoring.

Parents ‘limiting kids’ Internet access and TV use in identical ways’

A new study has revealed that parents are now restricting their kids` Internet access in much the same way as they limit television viewing as a form of punishment.

US astronaut sends first twit from space

In a high tech first — really, really high — astronauts in space finally have Internet access.

Internet access limited by Iran ahead of protests

Tehran residents say authorities have moved to limit Internet access ahead of expected anti-government protests to deny the opposition a vital means of communication.

Riot-hit China’s province needs Internet access to restore normalcy

Four months have passed since the bloody riots in Urumqi that killed almost 200 people, but the residents of the area say their lives will continue to be affected until full Internet service is restored to the city.