Google unveils `Project Zero` hacker squad to defend people against cyber-attacks

Tech titan Google on Wednesday unveiled `Project Zero` - a team of elite hackers designated for checking internet security holes and defending people from cyber-attacks.

Internet Explorer 8 under threat in India: Cyber agency

Cyber security sleuths have alerted Indian users against a "high" level virus activity in a select version of popular Microsoft-owned web browser - the Internet Explorer.

Microsoft flaw used to attack French aerospace employees, veterans

A flaw in recent versions of Internet Explorer was used to attack visitors to a website for U.S. military veterans, and also appears to have been used earlier against French aerospace industry employees, researchers said Friday.

Google unveils services promoting free expression

Google Inc will begin to shield news organizations and human rights groups from cyberattacks as part of a new package of services designed to support "free expression" on the Web, the internet giant said Monday.

Microsoft rushes out software fix for Internet Explorer

Microsoft released an emergency software fix for Internet Explorer after hackers exploited a security flaw in the popular Web browser to attack an unknown number of users.

Microsoft fixing security bug in Internet Explorer

Microsoft is releasing an update to its Internet Explorer browser to fix a security problem that could expose personal computers to hacking attacks.

Microsoft warns against new IE bug

Zero-day vulnerabilities are rare, mostly because they are hard to identify.

Chrome wins weekend browser battle with IE: Report

Google Inc`s Chrome web browser overtook Microsoft Corp`s Internet Explorer to become market leader globally for the first time last Sunday.

Microsoft plans ‘silent’ upgrades to IE

Software giant Microsoft has planned to implement automatic, silent updates to the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft announces automatic upgrades for IE

Microsoft announced that it will automatically upgrade the Internet Explorer to the latest version to give Windows customers more protection against malicious software.

Google Chrome 2nd most liked in browser usage

Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox to become the second most widely used web browser in the world, according to new statistics.

Google Chrome is third most popular browser

Google Chrome is now the world`s third most popular web browser with one in five users preferring it.

Internet Explorer users are dumb: Study

Do you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to browse the web? If yes, your IQ level is likely to be lower than those who use Chrome and Firefox, a new study has shown.

Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9 in UAE

Microsoft Gulf released Internet Explorer 9, the latest version of the world`s most-used browser.

Users at risk of IE bug, warns Microsoft

Microsoft has issued a warning about an Internet Explorer bug that might hack into and take control of unprotected computers.

Rise of Google Chrome threatens Internet Explorer, Mozilla

Web browser Google Chrome, which emerged in mid-2008, has hit Internet Explorer hard.

Microsoft to ship IE with Windows 7 in Europe

Microsoft has said that it would not separate its Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser from versions of Windows 7 shipped to the European Union when the new operating system launches worldwide in October.