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Today's kids could experience time travel, invisibility cloaks during lifetimes

A new study has predicted that some of the amazing phenomenons like time travel, invisibility cloaks and teleportation could be part of everyday life of today's kids by 2025.

Rupert Grint wishes to have invisibility cloak

Actor Rupert Grant has revealed he wishes to wear an invisibility cloak, similar to the one worn in `Harry Potter`, at music festivals.

Dragonfly-like lenses brings Harry Potter`s invisibility cloak closer to reality

Researchers have developed liquid crystal flowers, which resemble Dragonfly`s eyes and can be used as complex lenses, with the help of sand grains.

Harry Potter`s invisibility cloak to soon become reality

A team of researchers have proposed the first design for an active cloak that draws energy from a battery, allowing objects to become undetectable to radio sensors over a greater range of frequencies.

Harry Potter`s `invisibility cloak` comes closer to reality

Scientists have designed a new invisibility cloak which can hide objects over a wide range of frequencies, taking us a step closer to Harry Potter styled cloak.

Discovery of HIV `invisibility cloak` brings AIDS cure closer to reality

Researchers have discovered a molecular invisibility cloak that enables HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to hide inside cells of the body without triggering the body`s natural defence systems.

Mosquito `invisibility cloak` discovered on human skin

Scientists have discovered a naturally occurring ‘invisibility cloak’ on human skin that can block mosquitoes` ability to smell and target their victims.

Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak makes animals disappear

Scientists have created an invisibility cloak just like the one depicted in the ` Harry Potter` movies.

Invisibility cloak can hide events from past using stream of light

Scientists have developed an "invisibility" time cloak which is able to hide events in a continuous stream of light.

Now, create your own invisibility cloak with 3D printer

Researchers have created a new disc-shaped plastic invisibility cloak, using a standard 3D printer that deflects microwave beams to make objects disappear.

New technology brings `invisibility cloak` closer to reality

Researchers have developed a thin material to help make things "invisible" within a limited range of light waves.

Harry Potter-style `invisibility cloak` unveiled

Harry Potter brace yourselves! You could soon become a proud owner of a real-life invisibility cloak.

Electron `invisibility cloak` could lead to new gen electronics

A new approach that allows objects to become “invisible” has now been applied to an entirely different area.

Soon, ‘invisibility cloak’ to protect buildings from earthquakes

Mathematicians have developed the theory for a ‘Harry Potter’ style ’cloaking’ device.

Now invisibility cloak closer to reality

Researchers have for the first time cloaked a three-dimensional object standing in free space, bringing the much-talked-about invisibility cloak one step closer to reality.

Molecule key to malaria’s ‘invisibility cloak’ identified

Scientists have identified one of the crucial molecules that instructs the malaria parasite to employ its invisibility cloak.

Invisibility cloak to project tanks as cows, cars

BAE System’s scientists in Sweden have designed a new invisibility cloak, which could protect tanks from heat seeking missiles.

Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak created in 3D

The magical cloak that featured in the Harry Potter series has become closer to reality, thanks to German scientists who’ve created a three-dimensional "invisibility cloak" that can hide objects by bending light waves.

Coming soon: Harry Potter`s invisibility cloak!

The dream of every Harry Potter fan of owning an "invisibility cloak" seems to be soon coming true.