iPad app detects signs of glaucoma in Nepal patients

Using an iPad-based app, a team of researchers from the US has successfully detected early signs of glaucoma in nearly 200 patients in Nepal.

NASA app shows effects of climate change on Earth

NASA has launched a new app that gives users a glimpse into how climate change and natural disasters are quickly transforming the landscape of the Earth.

New app allows iPad users to click personal photos of space objects

A new iPad app has been developed, which allows people to click telescope images of celestial objects from the comfort of their couch.

LinkedIn makes iPad app for mobile professionals

LinkedIn users can now access the professional social network on their iPad with an application launched Thursday.

Walmart updates apps to reach tech-savvy shoppers

Wal-Mart Stores Inc shoppers can now research the trove of product data the world`s largest retailer gathers, through a new iPad app.

Taco Master, world`s most downloaded iPad app

Taco Master, the creation of Mexican company Kaxan Games, is the world`s most downloaded iPad application.