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iPhone owners live in posh localities

Developed by the US-based mapping provider MapBox and social media aggregation firm Gnip, the map reveals the places from where phone owners tweet.

Turn your iPhone into a night vision camera with FLIR ONE

Announced at CES, the FLIR One is an iPhone case that lets you feel like James Bond or the Predator with your own thermal imaging camera.

iPhone 'most desired' item on US teens' holiday wishlist: Survey

12 percent of the teenagers were most desperate for a Samsung Galaxy phone, as opposed to 32 percent for Apple's offering, especially the iPad, the survey further revealed.

iPhone could have been called 'Tripod,' 'Telepod,' 'Mobi’: Ex-Apple employee

Back in 2007, Apple was battling Cisco Systems over rights to the “iPhone” name.

Is Apple planning colourful iPhones?

Tech giant Apple could make its iPhone available in different colours, similar to what Nokia does with the Lumia 920, a report has said.

UK retailers recommend Samsung Galaxy smartphones over Apple iPhone

The survey, performed by Informa Telecoms and Media, said that the researchers found that the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II were most often recommended, even though they've been on the market longer than Apple's new iPhone 5 and other handsets from Nokia and HTC.