Now, match your iPhone case with the dress you wear

The days of matching your nails to your lipstick have become a thing of the past - now, it’s all about matching your smartphone case to your outfit.

Monks from India promised me iPhone, claims arrest

A Tibetan monk, who was recently arrested for abetting self-immolations, has said that he was instigated by two India-based monks who promised him an iPhone, Chinese official media claimed.

Is smartphone attachment a bad thing?

To understand the allure of the smartphone we need to stop thinking of it as simply a device, a cultural anthropologist has said.

Seven jailed in China in kidney trading case

He Wei, who organised the illegal kidney trade in April 2011, was sentenced to five years` imprisonment.

People use iPhone while having sex!

Nearly 4 percent people admit to having used their iPhones while having sex, a new survey has revealed.

SMART biochip can speedily detect flu virus

A new biochip - appropriately named SMART - can reliably and speedily detect the flu virus.

Facebook unveils Camera app for iPhones

Facebook on Thursday, unveiled its new photo sharing smartphone app called Facebook Camera.

Now, Egencia Mobile extends to additional platform

Egencia, the corporate travel arm of Expedia Inc., today launched the next phase of Egencia Mobile, extending their mobile application to android and mobile web devices.

Apple plans to use Liquidmetal technology in next iPhone

Apple plans to use a Liquidmetal technology, a new alloy, in its ``breakthrough product``, one of its inventors has revealed.

Apple crushes Street targets, dispels iPhone fears

Apple Inc`s quarterly results beat Wall Street estimates on stronger-than-expected demand for the iPhone.

Google launches storage service for personal files

Google is hoping to build the world`s largest digital filing cabinet in the latest attempt to deepen people`s dependence on its services.

Loyal Instagram users fret about Facebook`s reach

Instagram has attracted more than 31 million users in less than two years.

Chinese teen sells kidney to buy iPhone, 5 charged

The five included a surgeon who removed a kidney from a 17-year-old boy in April last year.

Samsung: "Fast executioner" seeks killer design

The company had seen a 1 trillion won profit in its telecom sector in the first quarter of 2010 halved in the following quarter after Apple Inc`s (AAPL.O) latest iPhone took the market by storm.

Woman finds her deleted naked photos on iPhone

A young woman was shocked to find
her deleted naked photos from her broken iPhone recovered by a repairman who displayed openly in a phone store.

Russell Brand to fight against phone-tossing charges

British comedian Russell Brand will fight the felony charge stemming from a phone-tossing incident, says his lawyer.

New iPad more expensive to make: Research firm

The third iPad comes in several versions starting at $499, the same price as the iPad 2 at launch.

Apple cements tablet market lead with new iPad

The third-generation iPad has only a few new features including faster wireless connectivity and a crisper display.

Russell Brand threw photog’s phone ‘as tribute to Steve Jobs’

Russell Brand has said that he was honouring Steve Jobs by throwing a photographer’s iPhone through a window.

Senator Schumer asks FTC to probe Apple, Android

Schumer said phone makers have an obligation to protect the private content of their customers.

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