Soon, operate iPhone by touching your palm

An ‘imaginary phone’ that lets you use apps or answer calls by tapping your hand.

After iPhone, game-changer PaperPhone is here!

Dubbed PaperPhone, this smart phone, with its 9.5-cm diagonal thin film has a flexible display.

Paper-thin computer to revolutionize industry

The smartphone prototype does everything a smartphone does, like store books, play music or make calls.

Your iPhones’ ‘infidelity app’ may reveal your secret flings!

Your phone might reveal your secret flings.

Apple to begin shipping new iPhone in September

Apple Inc suppliers will begin production of its next-generation iPhone in July this year.

iPhone generation find 50 plus people freindly

Young generation find people over 50s as friendly and knowledgeable.

iPhone app will help translate slang

Can’t understand the kids? A new mobile phone application may help.

New app deletes drunken messages

New iPhone application deletes all embarrassing social networking.

Now, an iPhone app to find parking spots!

The headache of finding a parking space in a busy city may soon be eliminated by a new app available for iPhone users.

Firms warn staff of iPhone, iPad hacking

Companies that let staff use iPhones and iPads for business have been warned of hacking.

Apple to launch smaller iPhone

Apple is working on new versions of the iPhone that will be cheaper and smaller than the most recent ones.

Posh has nude pics of hubby David on her iPhone

Victoria Beckham, who jetted into New York yesterday, was spotted with a custom-made gold iPhone 4, which has a topless photograph of her husband David as the screen background.

Catholics can`t confess via iPhone: Vatican

Catholics cannot confess via iPhone, the Vatican spokesman said on Wednesday.

Vatican bans confession by iPhone

Vatican put its foot down Wednesday
over the idea of "confessing" by iPhone.

No time to visit church? Confess via iPhone

Users of iPhone can now perform contrition and other religious rituals without visiting church.

Android beats iPhone in US

According to a market tracking firm, 63.2 million Americans owned smartphones at the end of December

Internet will run out of IP addresses by Friday

Growth of iPhone and web use in Asia has seen a rapid depletion of IP addresses.

iPhone alarm glitch leaves users fuming

The bells weren`t ringing for many iPhone users this New Year`s weekend, when thanks to a glitch the alarms on Apple`s iconic mobile phones failed to go off, causing many to oversleep.

Skype adding Wi-Fi, 3G video calling to iPhone app

A new version of the free iPhone app for Skype SA will let users make and receive video calls.

Your iPhone could be spying on you

Programs & games for smartphones transmit data back to private company once they had been downloaded.