`Israel to lose 10,000 troops if it attacks Iran`

An Iranian official has warned Israel that it would lose at least 10,000 soldiers in the event of a military strike.

`Peace accord with Palestinians more urgent for Israel than Iran attack`

A former head of Israeli military intelligence said Monday it would be dangerous to attack Iranian nuclear facilities without US backing in the near future.

US studying repercussions of Israeli attack on Iran

An Israeli attack on Iran would
lead to a wider regional war, which could draw in the United States and leave hundreds of Americans dead.

`Attack on UK embassy in Iran was state-supported`

Dominick Chilcott, Britain’s ambassador to Iran, has said that the attack on the UK embassy in Tehran had the backing of the ruling government.

‘UK, US planning to attack Iran’

The MoD believed the US may decide
to fast-forward plans for targeted missile strikes at some key
Iranian facilities.

Ex-Israeli spymaster opposes Iran attack: Report

This conclusion challenges Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu`s position.

Iran attack plan `on the table`: US

The US has a Iran attack plan to prevent the Islamic nation from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Iran attack would be catastrophic for US: Castro

Fidel Castro used his most prominent TV interview since falling seriously ill 4 yrs ago to discuss everything from nuclear war to use of energy efficient light bulbs.

Three border suspects linked to Iran attack: Pakistan police

Three Iranians arrested today for
illegally entering Pakistan may have been linked to last
month`s deadly bomb attack in Iran, Pakistani police said.