Iran-West thaw on the cards? Rouhani says will never seek N-weapons

Reflecting his willingness to soften the diplomatic ties with the West, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani struck a conciliatory tone when he said in an interview that his country would never build nuclear weapons.

Will stop Iran from acquiring nuke bombs: US

The US has warned that it would prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons at any cost, saying that it will look at all options, including military action.

All options open to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear bomb: US

The US has all options "on the table" including a military one to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, country`s top Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said.

‘Firm to prevent Iran from acquiring N-weapons’

The US is keenly aware of the fact that Iran has continued behave in a way that casts doubt on its intentions with its
nuclear programme.

German on trial for selling cameras to Iran

The trial of a German man charged with selling equipment to Iran that could allegedly be used to make nuclear weapons has opened with the defendant denying the charges.