New evidence of Iranian plot to kill foreign diplomats: Report

Intelligence agencies of four countries have uncovered new evidence of an alleged campaign run by the Iran-linked operatives to kill foreign diplomats in at least seven countries, including India.

US dismisses Iranian letter as a `rant`

The US has dismissed as a rant an Iranian letter to Washington over allegations of
an Iranian plot to murder the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

US dismisses Iranian letter as a `rant`

On October 11, US officials alleged Iran`s Quds Force plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington.

EU orders assets of 5 frozen over Iranian plot

US officials have described the plot as a clumsy but serious operation by Iran’s elite foreign action unit.

Saudis want alleged Iranian plot brought to UNSC

Saudi Arabia has asked UN chief to bring before the Security Council the alleged Iranian plot to assassinate its ambassador to the United States.