Attacks push Iraq death toll to 26: Officials

The protracted surge in nationwide unrest, coupled with a deadly standoff in Anbar province between security forces and anti-government fighters, has left more than 850 people dead so far this month.

Iraq death toll from Baghdad bombings rises to 26

Violence across Iraq, including a spate of evening bombings against markets and cafes in Baghdad, killed at least 26 people and a dozen militants, officials said on Monday.

Iraq bombs, market attacks leave 40 dead

Market bombings and other attacks across Iraq killed at least 40 people on Tuesday.

US soldier killed north of Baghdad

The US military says an American soldier has been killed north of Baghdad.

Iraq death toll in 2009 lowest since the invasion

The number of people killed across Iraq in Dec was 367 and the civilian death toll in 2009 was 2,800, making the year the least violent since US-led invasion of 2003.