Buoyed by US warplanes, Kurds recapture Mosul dam from claws of Islamic State

In what would act as an emboldening factor for Kurdish fighters of Iraq, they are reportedly very close to taking complete control of Iraq`s largest dam in Mosul from the claws of the Islamic State.

Iraq jihadists seize another town from Kurdish forces

Jihadists raised their black flag in Iraq`s northern town of Sinjar in a second straight day of advances against Kurdish forces, sparking mass displacement the UN called a humanitarian tragedy.

US congratulates Iraqis on their new President

The US has congratulated the Iraqis on the election of their new President Mohammed Fuad Masoum.

Gunmen raid homes, kill 6 people in northern Iraq

The attacks came two days after a relentless assault across Iraq killed at least 93 people and wounded many more.

Over 90 dead in attacks: Iraq officials

Since the beginning of August, more than 190 people have been killed in violence across Iraq

Wave of attacks in northern, central Iraq kill 24

More than 120 people have been killed in violence across Iraq since the start of August.

Kurdish rebels kidnap Turkish lawmaker

The rebels of the Kurdistan Workers` Party, or PKK, are fighting for autonomy in the Kurdish-dominated southeast region.

Military helicopter crashes in Turkey: Report

Kurdish rebels have used northern Iraq as a springboard for attacks on Turkish targets.

Iraq President rebuffs move to unseat PM

In Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki`s Shi’ite-dominated ruling coalition is increasingly shaky.

Iraq prison staff detained over jailbreak

The entire staff of the detention centre is being questioned as part of the investigation into the prison break in Kirkuk.